Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 3 - SUMMER 2016 - Page 4

Harold Wells GULF COAST FISHERMAN GARY RALSTON Publisher/Editor DEPARTMENT EDITORS David Ayers • Pete Cooper, Jr. Jeff Herman • John Hook Patrick Lemire • Jim Martin Colby Sorrells CONTRIBUTING EDITORS David A. Brown John N. Felsher Capt. Nate Skinner Vernon Summerlin Capt. Mike Thompson Capt. Danno Wise with Wells Daily Fishing Forecast Vol. 40 No. 3 J U L Y - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER C ONTENTS 2016 FEATURES Summer Tales of Tripletail by Nate Skinner ...........6 Sight fishing for tripletail is the name of the game. Pompano - Fast and Delicious by John N. Felsher 7 How to get in on this incredible action along the beach! Shrimp Boat Showdown by David A. Brown .... 10 Production/Design Janna Ralston Advertising Jennifer Schulte GCF Advertising P.O. Box 8, Port Lavaca, Texas 77979 Phone/Fax: (361) 552-8864 Administration Gary Ralston • Editor Janna Ralston • Production/Design Jennifer Schulte • Advertising Staff • Circulation Warner/International Periodical Services • Newsstand Distribution GULF COAST FISHERMAN (ISSN 0164-3746) is published quarterly by Harold Wells Gulf Coast Fisherman, Inc., 211 Oakglen Dr., Port Lavaca, Texas 77979. Phone (361)552-8864. Copyright 2016. Single copy at $4.50. Subscription is $15.00 for one year (4 issues); $28.00 for two years (8 issues); and, $40.00 for three years (12 issues). Periodical postage paid at Port Lavaca, Texas and at additional mailing offices. Address correspondence concerning subscription or address changes to Gulf Coast Fisherman, P.O. Box 8, Port Lavaca, Texas 77979 (361) 552-8864. Unsolicited contributions are welcomed, but will not be acknowledged or returned unless accompanied by stamped, self-addressed envelope. Articles, photos, artwork, and other material should be addressed to the Editor. We can not be responsible for unsolicited material. The contents of this magazine may not be reprinted without written permission. Advertising rates on request. Standard commissions to accredited advertising agencies. Send new product information to Gulf Coast Fisherman, P.O. Box 8, Port Lavaca, Texas 77 丁ٕѥͥḾ=)ձ Ё͡ɵā=ȸA)1مQ̀丁AĤȴи)A=MQ5MQHM@<ɴѼձ )͡ɵ@< ఁAЁ1مQ`(ЁU1 =MP%M!I58()Mɥ卅эՕ́ͥٔ͡ѕѥ)AIQ59P!%!1%!QL()QQQ9ѽ1ѱ)Ȁ)IIdQ9MM]и)ձ Ё ͕QɕAɥ͠)եЁ9ѕ!!Ʌ̀)Q 9ɅЀٕ剽1ٕ́Mե)Q䀴=ѕ̄)A=ЀMɘ1չ=͡ɔM䀸)Q Ё!IѽɥQЁIͽѕ̀)AIQ59QL)ѽȝ́9ѕ̀)QQ Mɕ̀)IIdAɥ1ɔ)ձ Ё ͕YɹMյɱ)եЁ9ѕ٥̀)Q 9ɅЀ)!)Q䀸Aє Ȱ)ȸ)AɽՍЁI٥܀Mх)A=Ѐ)!ɵ)Q Ё!)5ѥ()]11L%1d%M!%9=I MP)ɽф)%ɽՍѥѼ͡ɕЀ)]ЁձɕЀ)9ѠձɕЀ)ɥձɕЀ)مA ̀)=͡ɔ͡ɕЀ) ٕȁQ孕́ݥѠԁɥх՝Ёѡ5)Q́ иAѼ и9єMȸ)\\\T0$L $8 <4((0