Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 3 - SUMMER 2016 - Page 33

immediately, inhaling the bait and peeling drag with powerful runs towards deeper water. Other times, tripletail can tend to be finicky and it could take several wellplaced casts to get one to bite. Every now and then, anglers may come across one that will not feed at all. This characteristic is why veteran Galveston area fishing guide, Captain Tim Young of Tim Young Outdoors, has nicknamed tripletail as the “fish of a thousand casts.” “You just never know what they’re going to do,” says Young. “Sometimes they take a little coaxing, and other times they will surprise you and strike immediately. One thing’s for sure though. Each cast towards a big one on top is huge adrenaline rush!” Summertime temperatures are heating up fast and the hunt is on - and sight fishing for triple tail is the name of the game. Don’t miss it! For more information on targeting/ sight casting to tripletail, contact Capt. Nate Skinner at (409) 771-7971 or GCF Gulf Coast Closeup (Continued from page 13.) on the enjoyment of delicious Cajun cooking. Houma offers visitors opportunities to enjoy classic Cajun at its best, with a serving of good Zydeco music on the side. “The snap beans aren’t salty” or “I have no spicy new for you”. Those are phrases I like to describe Zyedco’s origin. I didn’t find “proof” that “Zydeco” derives from the French phrase “Les haricots ne sont pas salés”, which, when spoken in the Creole French sounds like “leh-zy-dee-co nuh sohn pah salay”. This literally translates to “the snap beans aren’t salty” but idiomatically it comes out “I have no spicy news for you.” So far, the earliest recorded use of the term is a country and western group called Zydeco Skillet Lickers. They recorded the song “It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’” in 1929. No matter what you call the music, when you hear it you can’t keep your feet still. Within its 2,100 square miles, Terrebonne Parish has the highest concentration of swamp tours anywhere in the state. If you’ve never visited a mysterious moss-draped cypress swamp, its elegant charm awaits to fascinate you. Swamps are populated with birds, ’gators, many other reptiles and harmonic flora. You’d be remiss not to expose yourself to an exhilarating and educational tour or three – there’s something new behind and in each tree. that contains more than 100 species of birds in residence or migrating through. Terrebonne Loop of five sites takes you through wetlands to experience many splendid birding prospects. 1. Mandalay Refuge Nature Trail, five miles southwest of Houma, contains more than 4,200 acres of freshwater swamp and Tourists can explore many sites in Terrebonne a higher hardwood Parish such as the Southdown Plantation that ridge where you’ll find enhances their understanding of history and songbirds, wood Cajun culture. ducks, red-shouldered hawks, barred owls, four species of Another slant on guided tours are the wo X\[X[H[ܙHXY\˂Z[[\[\]\]]XZ\]X\وH\HH\[Y]܈[\ [وX[]B\]\ˈ[ P]^ P[H[YBKܘX[[\XܚY\\[X[Y[Y[\XH PJH] K \Z[[[X[\[[Y\˂Xܙ\\[[[X\[]\[HܛHو[\X\\[]\X\X]]Z]XH܂^[\]\܈\[H[H[[Y][H]^\܈H\[X[[Hو\ [\ ]\YHX\Hۈۈ[۝Y]\B[[[YHX\H[\^YH[ ܂[HX^H[ˈZ[Y[[Y\HY˂[[Y[X[YX[\H\H]\][\[H[[B[ܙH[ \XY\[HY[[H[N^[H\XۛB\K]\YH]\][H\\Bˈ]وHPH[x&[Y[XY[]\[\Y\]\BYZ[X[H[ܙH]\XY\˂[H\X]Y]H\XH[]ܛX[]YXۈY]x&\™X]\[[\X]H\^\YX]YX\Y\]H[ٙ][X\H\X\\XۛH\\8&\X[ XۛZX]\]H\HYKH [\ܚX[[\K [ۙZ\Y[^H[HY[ۘ[Z[]\H]\][B؜\][ۈ]ܛH[YX][ۘ[\[X[ۜو[Yܛ\[[[\]\]K[[ۚ[X\ۜ[ZX\\•HHX]Hۘ[\[\[^[]HX\Hو\\[]Y[[ۙHY\\KYܙ]\ۜˈH]\][H[Y[[ܘ]\B[Xۜ[HܙX]X[H\XܚYX\XYHۈHZ[و[XY\[]\[\\] [Y\X[ˈH]\][H\ۜ[B [YKHZ\X[B\][[^[[Z\X[ۜ˂[]\]Y\X\[Hۜܝ][HX[]B\]\XۛHYH[\Bٙ\\[Y]HX\\˂[\܈H\HوZ[[\HXB[HX^H^ܙHZ\]\[\ܞB[\ \\\Hٙ\Y[Z[^X]X\H[H^ \ܞB[[[ܘY[XXB؜\][ۈ\]]\[HH L\[˂]X\HZ[H[ܘ[XHوX\\[]ۈ[][ۈ\H[B\X\Y\˂]HوH\H N] X[\HY\KH\]H\HY[œ[][ۈX[܈\H]]BXNY^H M[[]]X\\Y[ZYY\ˈ܂[[Y\HZ[ۈ]Y\Y[ܙH[ MLYX\Y\\[[[[^]Z\]H[\KH\\]Z\X[H\H Y\Z[Y][\H\[X\H[[YZ[\]Y\[]HYX\ˈB[[[[\]ۈZ[ \\][Z[[BH[B\\ Y[ NMK[\ܝ[]Y\܈Xܘ[\[[ۙH\XۛBZ[[\K\ܞK ]\X[H]ܜ\H\ۙ\[H]\B\]\]܈\XۛB\H[\ܙX]Y] т\\ ]8&\]Y[ۙHZ\\\B]^KHZYܘ]ܞH]܈]\SH8(UQT8(TSPT  H ‚