Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 3 - SUMMER 2016 - Page 31

by Jeff Herman Paddling Out SURF LAUNCH & Offshore Safety ayaking has exploded in popularity in the last decade and the ratio of experienced kayakers to wet behind the ear newbies has created a pretty big information chasm. If you are new to kayaking please take the time to find reputable and reliable sources of information and educate yourself to some of the more dangerous aspects of the sport. In an effort to try and share some of that knowledge, let’s take the time to look at surf launch techniques and some general safety issues associated with offshore kayaking. First, as always, wear your PFD. This is even more important when paddling in big open water. Wear a properly fitted full PFD from launch to landing. Also, whether you are fishing near shore “BTB” (Beyond the Breakers) or further out, you have to be able to self-rescue. Practice this until it becomes an afterthought. If you cannot right an overturned kayak and get back in quickly and easily, you are simply not prepared for paddling in the Gulf of Mexico. K Surf Launching The best way to get goo ]][[YH\\XXK \ZB][][\\YHZ\œXXKHHY\XY[ۈ܈B^Hو\[ۈH^H[[XY[ݙ\HXX܈YH^B[XXHY\\ˈX]H[\\[X\[H\[]H\™]HY[܈H^H[\][BYXY [[H][ [[\]]HHˈ[[H]HXZ˜]Y[][[\Y[˂H[]\]X[[H\[B[YܙH[ݙ\H\]H[[^\Y\[\][Y\XB[HۘZ[]\ˈHٝ[YH™\\\\\\^Hݙ\B]K\\YX[ ][[\\\›ݙ\[\XYYX[]K[XY [H[[\[H۝[YHYHܛX[Y[Hو[\YHKHYH[Y[[[[Bܝ\\[^\H[HXZܛH]X ۘH\HXZ\[^[][\X] [\\[[YHX[[[[H][Y\[][[ˈ^H\\H\H[]H]KY[HY[B]H\[ݙH[Hܝ\ YBX\H]\]ٙB]K۝[YHܝ\YZ[[[[BYYX\YK\X] ]Hۂ[H[HHܙK][ܘXH\[[[]H]\˜[YKH[[H][][H\B[[]H[[[H[[H[H[[]H\[B[]\[[\[]Y[BXX[[\^XZˈ][[\^XZ]Y[[H[[ۘZ[]H\HX\H܈YH[X[B\[\[\Y\ZH[Xۘ\[ۜ]ˈ]\\H]X[ܙB\[[[H[[^H[BۜY[\\[[[Z[BL \[^XZ[[K[[B[] [Y[X\^H]وB^Hو[\^XZˈ[^\Y\]]Y[[H[HXX ٙܙHY]B[\[]\[8''H\Š۝[YYۈYH ̋BSH8(UQT8(TSPT  H B