Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 3 - SUMMER 2016 - Page 14

Shrimp Boat Showdown (Continued from page 10.) fun with multiple hookups a common occurrence. Bloody and oily, they’re not exactly prized table fare; however, bonito do benefit the bait and chum options. (See MAKING SCENTS and EFFECTIVE OFFERINGS). Sharks: If you want your shot at tangling with Mr. Big Teeth, this is your can’t-miss opportunity. The mix may include just about any of the coastal shark species, but look for a good number of blacktips, bulls and tigers — big tigers. Frightening flashback: While approaching a shrimper off Key West, I stood on the bow and scanned the water for signs of tuna, kings, etc. As we idled closer, I marveled at the half dozen hefty bull sharks milling just below the surface. Apparently entranced by the scentfilled water and clearly on the prowl for their next meal, these predators paid no attention to the boat. Suddenly, those 7to 9-foot sharks scattered like cats in downpour. Suffice it to say that the way the 12-foot tiger bullied its way through the crowd made me grab a hand rail. Cobia: With a prominent dorsal fin, cobia are often mistaken for cruising sharks, but you don’t want to miss any shots at these valiant fighters with the tasty filets. Watch for long, brown figures with broad, forward-facing mouths and don’t be surprised if one of these curious fish pops up right off your transom. Fact: Cobia are often caught on baits pitched less than 20 feet from the boat. As far as seasonality, Capt. R.T. Trossett finds shrimpers year-round in the fertile waters off Key West, but spring and fall tend to offer the best tuna opportunities. With warming waters pushing a lot of pelagics northward, spring through fall finds the show rocking throughout the central and Northern Gulf. Winter tends to usher mos وH\[ݙ\] ]\\K[][YH[B[[[ܙY[\] ]8&\™Y[][HܝH˂PRS8'S'B[HZY\[YH]B[\\&\X\]H[H؈\[B]X[ۈ[x&[YY]\\ [ Y\]]\[ۈYH[B[\H[YK[[ܛˈ[ۙH8%BܛY\XX\HX\\[HB]\\H[ܙH[X]H H[YBX\Y\[[Z[Z[[\]˂]ZY[Z]H[H[\[K]X\[]X[N8'x&[[\]Y[H][HX\XY[H]Š۝[YYۈYH NKBMHHHHHHHHܝ\X[ ^\]Y[H\[ Z\X[B[ܙX\Y\Y[[Y\”ԕTPBܝ\[ ΌMB[]\]^H ΍ B[[ۈYY ΌY\^[H NLXژX[ ΍LԔTTB\[\\]Y\ N\[ NLY\\[ [YBۙYY ΍ YX\^H]\]^H NMBYH\[]\]^H NMBQSHPQBY[^K[[ [YB\][ۈ[ Ό[] ܝ H ΍ [] ] H N ܝX[ٚY[\[ Ό\[ܘY] N^[XY]Y\ NL]YY[\X[H]\]^H Ό[ܘ[H[] [YBPUQԑHTPBܘY]\[] N ܘY]\ ΌL\[YY NLܙY[^[H N[X[ [YB\[ZXH^H ΍L[[ ΍L؛H[ N\ܛZH[[H Όܝ&Pۛ܈]H]Y\ NLX]YܙH\[[]Y\ N \^HH [YB[[ۚ[^K[[ ΍ QTԕTPB\X\ P\^H [YB\^[K[[ NL]\ۘZH Q[H^H ΍L\\ܙYZ[[ Ό^]\[[ NMB[\\ [[ NY\ܝ]Y\ N B[^HܙYZ[[ ΌLSTӈVHTPB^\]HZK[ [YBY\\ ΌX\ZH[[H ΍ BY\[ []H^H NLݙ\\QX\^H NLؚ[ۈ^[KQX\^H N]\YQ[\ۈ Nܝ]H]\ NL[\ۈ]\]^H ΌL]Y\\ U\^H Ό\[ZXHYYU\^H ΍L[Y]܈XY U\^H ΌL[Z\\YH NLTRSSӈVHTPB\]\^[H N\Z[[ۈ\ ˕ˊH NLYZ^H NSTQUHRHTPB[\Y]H\ N[\Y]H]\[[ ΌZH\\ NLY\Y[]H]\ N PSHTPBX[H\U^\ N BY\]Z]H YH NY^H\[ U\ [YB\\TX[H]\ ΌMB[X\[]]ٙ\ ΍ BY\܈[\\[\XKY H܈XX JH\[Z[]\ۈXݙH܈B\XH[H[\HHܙX\[YK][\[HXYH\\HH[YBوY܈YKۈ[H[Y\و\[\[Y[H\[ܙX\ YHXHY\Y[[Y\’Q‚Q‚]Y[H\[ LH L ” ]H\ NH L[\[ M LB ]]Z[ N LM] X\K LNH LNM”\\Z[[ۈ L̈ L“Y\Y[]H]\[ LNM LNB[\Y]H\ LM LNX[H\ LN  LNMBY\]Z]H[ L  L B[\ۈ[[ \ۂXYH ΍M MBX\ZH ͎ H ͎ [\ X\^H ΌM N[XZXH ^H ̎ ΌB[Y]܈ \^K ̎H ̎\X\[ ̎̈ ̎B[\ۈX\ˈY\ LN LN [Z\\ LH LBY\ܝ\܈ L  LN \][   LN\[\\ L LNBYHK ˈ[ H L LN Bܝ\X[ N L ܝ&Pۛ܈Y\[][\[˘KY\˚[ BHZ[HYHX\\HH\YۛH\H\و]\ZYH[]Hܜ[][ۈBX^[][H[Y\و\[ Y\܈[\\[\XKY H\Z[]\܈YX JH\Z[]\ۈXݙHH[Y\وY܈\[X]YHHYHX\˂NܙX\[YHX\]HY[Y\Y܈ \\X]KˈHHHˈB