Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 2 SPRING 2016 - Page 21

North Gulf Fishing Forecast NORTH GULF Tide Tables JUNE 2016 CURRENT MOVEMENT CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH WED I 12:40am 02:40am Weak 1 I 03:40am 05:30am Weak O 01:30pm 04:30pm Moderate AFTERNOON BEST THU I 12:15am 03:55am Good 2 O 12:50pm 05:30pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST FRI I 12:10am 05:30am Strong 3 O 01:00pm 06:40pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST SAT I 12:35am 06:25am V Strong 4 O 01:25pm 07:35pm V Strong EARLY MORN, AFTN BEST SUN I 01:05am 07:15am V Strong 5 O 02:00pm 08:20pm V Strong EARLY MORN, AFTN BEST MON I 02:00am 08:00am V Strong2 6 O 02:45pm 08:55pm V Strong EARLY MORN, AFTN BEST TUE I 02:40am 08:30am V Strong 7 O 03:25pm 09:15pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST WED I 03:25am 08:55am Strong 8 O 04:00pm 09:20pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST THU I 04:15am 08:55am Strong 9 O 04:40pm 09:20pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST FRI I 05:10am 08:50am Good 10 O 05:20pm 09:00pm Good EARLY MORNING BEST SAT I 05:35am 08:35am Moderate 11 O 06:10pm 08:50pm Moderate EARLY MORNING BEST SUN I 05:50am 07:50am Weak 12 O 06:40pm 08:30pm Weak EARLY MORNING BEST MON I 12:45am 01:55am Very Weak 13 I 05:45am 07:35am Weak O 02:10pm 03:40pm Very Weak O 06:10pm 07:40pm Very Weak EARLY MORNING BEST TUE I 12:35am 02:15am Weak 14 I 05:15am 06:55am Weak O 01:25pm 03:25pm Weak EARLY MORN, EARLY AFTN BEST WED I 12:20am 03:00am Moderate 15 O 12:45pm 04:05pm Good AFTERNOON BEST DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH THU I 12:10am 04:10am Good 16 O 12:20pm 05:00pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST FRI I 12:05am 05:05am Strong 17 O 12:35pm 06:05pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST SAT I 12:20am 06:00am Strong 18 O 01:05pm 06:55pm V Strong AFTERNOON BEST SUN I 01:00am 06:50am V Strong 19 O 01:35pm 07:45pm V Strong EARLY MORN, AFTN BEST MON I 01:35am 07:35am V Strong 20 O 02:20pm 08:30pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE I 02:20am 08:20am V Strong 21 O 03:00pm 09:10pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST WED I 03:05am 09:05am V Strong 22 O 03:40pm 09:40pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST THU I 03:50am 09:30am Strong 23 O 04:30pm 10:10pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST FRI I 04:55am 09:55am Strong 24 O 05:20pm 10:00pm Strong MORNING BEST SAT I 06:10am 09:50am Good 25 O 06:15pm 09:35pm Good MORNING BEST SUN I 06:55am 09:15am Moderate 26 O 06:45pm 08:35pm Weak MORNING BEST MON I 05:05am 06:45am Weak 27 O 04:10pm 05:50pm Weak EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE I 04:00am 05:50am Weak 28 O 02:50pm 04:50pm Weak LATE AFTERNOON BEST WED I 12:55am 03:15am Moderate 29 I 03:15am 05:55am Moderate O 01:40pm 05:20pm Good I 11:45pm 04:05am Good AFTERNOON BEST THU O 01:05pm 06:05pm Strong 30 AFTERNOON BEST DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT WED 1 THU 2 FRI 3 SAT 4 SUN 5 MON 6 TUE 7 WED 8 THU 9 FRI 10 SAT 11 SUN 12 MON 13 THU 16 FRI 17 SAT 18 SUN 19 MON 20 TUE 21 WED 22 THU 23 FRI 24 SAT 25 SUN 26 MON 27 TUE 14 WED 15 Hi 09:12am 1.1 Lo 06:21pm 0.2 Hi 09:21am 1.3 Lo 07:14pm -0.1 Hi 09:46am 1.5 Lo 08:10pm -0.2 Hi 10:28am 1.7 Lo 09:09pm -0.4 Hi 11:05am 1.7 Lo 10:07pm -0.4 Hi 11:50am 1.8 Lo 11:03pm -0.4 Hi 12:35pm 1.7 Lo 11:52pm -0.3 Hi 01:17pm 1.6 Lo 12:30am -0.2 Hi 01:52pm 1.4 Lo 12:56am 0.0 Hi 02:15pm 1.2 Lo 01:06am 0.1 Hi 01:56pm 1.0 Lo 12:57am 0.3 Lo 10:34pm 0.9 Lo 12:25am 0.4 Hi 09:13am 1.0 Lo 11:04pm 0.4 Hi 08:49am 1.1 Lo 07:27pm 0.3 Hi 08:49am 1.2 Lo 07:16pm 0.2 TUE 28 WED 29 THU 30 Hi 09:02am 1.3 Lo 07:37pm 0.0 Hi 09:25am 1.4 Lo 08:08pm -0.1 Hi 09:54am 1.5 Lo 08:45pm -0.1 Hi 10:27am 1.6 Lo 09:25pm -0.2 Hi 11:03am 1.6 Lo 10:05pm -0.3 Hi 11:41am 1.6 Lo 10:44pm -0.3 Hi 12:19pm 1.6 Lo 11:19pm -0.3 Hi 12:57pm 1.6 Lo 11:50pm -0.2 Hi 01:36pm 1.4 Lo 12:16am -0.1 Hi 02:13pm 1.2 Lo 12:32am 0.1 Hi 02:43pm 1.0 Lo 12:32am 0.3 Hi 09:11am 0.8 Lo 11:59pm 0.4 Hi 08:05am 1.0 Lo 05:29pm .4 Hi 07:57am 1.2 Lo 05:55pm 0.2 Hi 08:15am 1.4 Lo 06:43pm -0.1 (Continued from previous page.) roof and its guest rooms with private baths. Historic bed and breakfasts include the 1905 Coombs House Inn, a home built by a former Union officer from Maine who fell for a Southern lady and the mild climate. Now, beautifully restored, the inn offers a variety of guest rooms and suites, all with private baths, some with Jacuzzis. In addition to bed and breakfasts, several historic homes are open for tours including the Orman House, now a State Historic Park, built in 1838 by cotton merchant, Thomas Orman, overlooking the Apalachicola River. The house features details of both Federal and Greek revival styles with wide heart-pine floorboards. Follow US 98 to Florida Route 300 east of Apalachicola to find sand and surf beyond the four-mile-long St. George Island bridge where Gulf front beach and bay front vacation homes are available. Some are pet-friendly and a few have their own boat docks. At the eastern end of the 28-mile-long barrier island, stretches the 1,962-acre St. George Island State Park, known for its nine miles of pristine beaches, shelling, spring and fall (Continued on page 32.) APRIL • MAY • JUNE 2 0 1 6 21