Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 2 SPRING 2016 - Page 20

North Gulf Fishing Forecast NORTH GULF Tide Tables MAY 2016 DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT SUN 1 MON 2 MON 16 TUE 17 TUE 3 WED 4 CURRENT MOVEMENT CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH SUN I 11:05am 01:05pm Weak 1 O 11:50pm 01:30am Weak LATE MORN TO EARLY AFTN BEST MON I 12:10pm 01:30pm Very Weak 2 EARLY AFTN BEST TUE 3 EARLY MORNING BEST WED I 12:45am 02:15am Very Weak 4 O 02:00pm 03:50pm Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST THU I 01:05am 03:45am Moderate 5 O 02:00pm 05:20pm Good MID TO LATE AFTN BEST FRI I 01:15am 05:35am Good 6 O 02:05pm 07:05pm Strong MID TO LATE AFTN BEST SAT I 01:40am 07:00am Strong 7 O 02:30pm 08:10pm Strong EARLY MORN, AFTN BEST SUN I 02:20am 08:00am Strong 8 O 03:10pm 09:00pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST MON I 03:10am 08:50am Strong 9 O 03:50pm 09:30pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE I 04:05am 09:35am Strong 10 O 04:45pm 10:05pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST WED I 05:10am 09:50am Strong 11 O 05:30pm 10:10pm Strong MORNING BEST THU I 06:05am 10:05am Good 12 O 06:20pm 10:00pm Good MORNING BEST FRI I 07:05am 10:05am Moderate 13 O 07:05pm 10:05pm Moderate MORNING BEST SAT I 08:00am 10:00am Weak 14 O 07:55pm 09:55pm Weak MORNING BEST SUN I 07:50am 09:30am Weak 15 O 08:20pm 09:50pm Very Weak EARLY MORNING BEST MON I 07:45am 08:55am Very Weak 16 O 02:25pm 03:35pm Very Weak O 08:25pm 09:35pm Very Weak EARLY MORN, MID AFTN BEST DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH TUE I 01:35am 03:05am Very Weak 17 O 01:45pm 03:35pm Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST WED I 01:25am 03:25am Weak 18 O 01:45pm 04:25pm Moderate MID AFTERNOON BEST THU I 01:10am 04:30am Good 19 O 01:35pm 05:35pm Good AFTERNOON BEST FRI I 01:10am 05:30am Good 20 O 01:40pm 06:40pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST SAT I 01:20am 06:40am Strong 21 O 02:10pm 07:40pm Strong EARLY MORN, AFTN BEST SUN I 02:10am 07:40am Strong 22 O 02:40pm 08:30pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST MON I 02:45am 08:25am Strong 23 O 03:25pm 09:15pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST TUE I 03:35am 09:15am Strong 24 O 04:05pm 09:55pm V Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFTN BEST WED I 04:20am 09:50am Strong 25 O 04:45pm 10:25pm Strong MORNING BEST THU I 05:20am 10:40am Strong 26 O 05:40pm 11:00pm Strong MORNING BEST FRI I 06:30am 11:10am Strong 27 O 06:40pm 11:00pm Good MORNING BEST SAT I 07:50am 11:10am Good 28 O 07:35pm 10:35pm Moderate MORNING BEST SUN I 09:00am 11:00am Weak 29 O 08:15pm 09:55pm Weak LATE MORNING BEST MON I 06:30am 07:50am Very Weak 30 O 05:55pm 07:05pm Very Weak EARLY MORNING BEST TUE I 05:15am 06:35am Very Weak 31 O 03:20pm 05:00pm Weak LATE AFTERNOON BEST 20 GULF COAST FISHERMAN THU 5 FRI 6 SAT 7 SUN 8 MON 9 TUE 10 WED 11 THU 12 FRI 13 SAT 14 SUN 15 Lo 03:46am 0.1 Hi 06:41pm 1.0 Lo 04:09am 0.2 Hi 12:25pm 0.7 Hi 08:53pm 0.9 Lo 04:15am 0.4 Hi 10:50am 0.8 Lo 05:20pm 0.5 Hi 11:30pm 0.7 Lo 03:41am 0.6 Hi 10:21am 1.0 Lo 06:33pm 0.2 Hi 10:22am 1.2 Lo 07:38pm 0.0 Hi 10:43am 1.4 Lo 08:42pm -0.2 Hi 11:17am 1.6 Lo 09:48pm -0.3 Hi 11:58am 1.7 Lo 10:56pm -0.3 Hi 12:44pm 1.7 Lo 12:03am -0.3 Hi 01:32pm 1.6 Lo 01:04am -0.2 Hi 02:20pm 1.5 Lo 01:54am -0.1 Hi 03:03pm 1.3 Lo 02:29am 0.0 Hi 03:38pm 1.2 Lo 02:47am 0.2 Hi 03:32pm 1.0 Lo 02:48am 0.3 Hi 11:35am 0.9 WED 18 THU 19 FRI 20 SAT 21 SUN 22 MON 23 TUE 24 WED 25 THU 26 FRI 27 SAT 28 SUN 29 MON 30 TUE 31 Lo 02:22am 0.4 Hi 10:24am 0.9 Lo 01:11am 0.5 Hi 10:00am 1.0 Lo 07:10pm 0.3 Hi 09:57am 1.2 Lo 07:34pm 0.2 Hi 10:06am 1.3 Lo 08:04pm 0.1 Hi 10:24am 1.4 Lo 08:39pm 0.0 Hi 10:47am 1.5 Lo 09:18pm -0.1 Hi 11:16am 1.5 Lo 10:02pm -0.1 Hi 11:50am 1.6 Lo 10:49pm -0.2 Hi 12:26pm 1.6 Lo 11:36pm -0.2 Hi 01:05pm 1.6 Lo 12:20am -0.2 Hi 01:45pm 1.5 Lo 12:59am -0.2 Lo 02:27pm 1.4 Lo 01:33am -0.1 Hi 03:09pm 1.2 Lo 01:58am 0.1 Hi 03:50pm 1.0 Lo 02:09am 0.2 Hi 10:43pm 0.8 Lo 01:55am 0.4 Hi 09:31am 0.9 Lo 05:32pm 0.4 (Continued from previous page.) more cheaply packed in barrels of ice and shipped aboard steamers headed north or to other neighboring states. These days, my hands-down favorite oysters come straight off Boss Oyster’s harvesting boat, stopping only long enough to be shucked before arriving in a bed of ice on the back deck on River Street in Apalachicola. A cold beer, a little horseradish, a little cocktail sauce, a few dabs of hot sauce and some Florida sunshine make a remarkable recipe in my book. But Boss Oyster will serve them just about any way you can think of and other seafood items as well. Up the Creek Raw Bar also serves great fresh seafood with a water view. There are several other restaurants you will want to visit around the corner on Avenue D, including Owl Café, Hole in the Wall, and Papa Joe’s. On the mainland in Apalachicola, lodging includes modern small hotels like the Water Street Hotel and Marina and suites and boat slips, and the 1907 Gibson Inn built of native heart pine and black cypress, featuring wrap-around porches, a widow’s walk and cupola crowning the tin (Continued next page.) W W W. G U L F F I S H I N G. C O M