Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 2 SPRING 2016 - Page 12

Equipment Notebook by David Ayers Photos by author. Trailer Lights TuneUp P 12 roperly working trailer lights are an important safety feature for occupants of the tow vehicle, and for other drivers on the road. They are also required by law. Have someone help check the functionality of your lights before each trip. It only takes a few seconds and could save an accident or citation. Once or twice a year, conduct a more thorough inspection. Check for cracked wires, loose wire connectors and corrosion. By far, the most frequent problem of lights not working is poor grounding. Before buying new lights for your trailer, try removing the problem light assembly and sand or wire brush the contact areas on the trailer and on the light. Then, remount the assembly to find out if that corrected the problem. Also, check the ground (white) wire at the harness. If that doesn’t fix the problem, the next most common problems are corrosion at connection fittings, or inside the light housing. 1. The highest percentage of trailer lights on the road use a 4-way “split-y” harness as shown. 2. Broken lights and heavy corrosion are both good reasons to replace or repair lights. 3. Remove heavily corroded lights fasteners and plates. Wire brush or sand before reinstalling the light fixture. 4. To extend working life, lubricate the mounting plate and fasteners with dielectric grease or contact cleaner. 5. Protect all internal/external components with lubricant to extend life. Use grounding wire if supplied. 6. Attach the light harness grounding wire securely. Have someone watch as you test each light. GULF COAST FISHERMAN W W W. G U L F F I S H I N G. C O M