Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine VOL 40 No 2 SPRING 2016 - Page 10

by Danno Wise Fishing South Texas’ Spring S Don’t Let the Wind Ruin Your Trip pring is generally welcomed along the Gulf Coast for its warming weather, spawning fish and newly hatched prey items. However, spring weather, though more comfortable temperature-wise, can also present some challenges to inshore anglers. These challenges arise from two of spring’s signature scenarios – high winds and high tides. The high water and high winds each present their own challenges, but often they also result in murky water conditions, presenting yet one more obstacle to anglers. However, savvy anglers have found strategies from dealing with each of spring’s common hindrances. Dirty Water Tactics One of the by-products of relentless spring winds is dirty water - lots and lots of dirty water. Far too often, anglers spend the majority of their time running around and looking for “good water.” However, not only is this not necessary, it is often counterproductive. Some of the best spring fishing can be found smack dab in the middle of some of the muddiest water. Rather than avoiding dirty water, anglers should learn how to fish in it. Most often, anglers fishing dirty water for the first time resort to live bait, believing artificials won’t produce in such conditions. While live shrimp, croaker and mullet will catch plenty of specks in offcolor water, so will plugs and plastics. The key is choosing the right colors usually dark and bright colors work best - and the right action - a paddle tail plastic will give more vibration than a straighttail bait. Since visibility is reduced, baits natural or artificial - should be retrieved fairly slow to allow fi