Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 39 No. 1 - Page 19

North Gulf Fishing Forecast NORTH GULF Tide Tables JANUARY 2015 DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH THU O 12:15am 05:35am Strong 1 I 11:00am 04:20pm Strong LATE MORN, AFT’N BEST FRI O 12:10am 05:40am Strong 2 I 11:10am 04:40pm Strong O 11:50pm 05:30am Strong LATE MORN, AFT’N BEST SAT I 11:20am 05:00pm Strong 3 LATE MORN, AFT’N BEST SUN O 12:15am 05:55am Strong 4 I 11:45am 05:25pm Strong LATE MORN, AFT’N BEST MON O 12:45am 06:25am Strong 5 I 12:20pm 06:00pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST TUE O 01:15am 06:55am Strong 6 I 12:55pm 06:25pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST WED O 01:55am 07:15am Strong 7 I 01:40pm 06:40pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST THU O 02:40am 07:20am Strong 8 I 02:40pm 06:40pm Good LATE AFT’N BEST FRI O 03:20am 07:00am Good 9 I 03:25pm 06:25pm Moderate LATE AFT’N BEST SAT O 04:10am 06:30am Moderate 10 I 03:35pm 05:35pm Weak EARLY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST SUN O 04:15am 06:05am Weak 11 I 03:35pm 05:25pm Weak LATE AFT’N BEST MON O 03:10am 04:50am Weak 12 I 10:20am 12:00pm Weak I 03:15pm 05:05pm Weak LATE AFT’N BEST TUE O 12:25am 02:25am Weak 13 I 10:20am 01:00pm Moderate I 02:25pm 04:25pm Weak O 11:30pm 02:30am Moderate MIDDAY BEST WED I 10:15am 01:55pm Good 14 O 10:40pm 03:00am Good LATE MORN TO EARLY AFT’N BEST CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH THU I 10:10am 03:10pm Strong 15 O 10:40pm 04:00am Strong LATE MORN TO EARLY AFT’N BEST FRI I 10:30am 04:10pm Strong 16 O 11:05pm 04:55am V Strong LATE MORNING, AFT’N BEST SAT I 11:00am 05:00pm V Strong 17 O 11:35pm 05:45am V Strong LATE MORNING, AFT’N BEST SUN I 11:25am 05:45pm V Strong 18 LATE MORNING, AFT’N BEST MON O 12:10am 06:40am V Strong 19 I 12:20pm 06:40pm V Strong AFTERNOON BEST TUE O 12:55am 07:15am V Strong 20 I 01:05pm 07:15pm V Strong AFTERNOON BEST WED O 01:45am 07:55am V Strong 21 I 02:15pm 07:55pm Strong EARLY MORN, AFT’N BEST THU O 02:45am 08:15am Strong 22 I 03:40pm 08:00pm Good EARLY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST FRI O 04:05am 08:05am Good 23 I 04:35pm 07:15pm Moderate EARLY MORN BEST SAT O 05:20am 07:20am Weak 24 I 03:05pm 04:35pm Very Weak EARLY MORN BEST SUN O 01:25am 02:45am Very Weak 25 I 02:05pm 03:35pm Very Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST MON O 12:40am 02:40am Weak 26 I 12:45pm 03:05pm Moderate O 11:55pm 03:15am Good EARLY AFT’N BEST TUE I 12:30pm 04:10pm Good 27 O 11:45pm 04:05am Good AFTERNOON BEST WED I 12:40pm 05:00pm Good 28 AFTERNOON BEST THU O 12:00am 05:00am Strong 29 I 01:00pm 06:00pm Strong AFTERNOON BEST DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT THU 1 FRI 2 SAT 3 SUN 4 MON 5 TUE 6 WED 7 THU 8 FRI 9 SAT 10 SAT 17 SUN 18 MON 19 TUE 20 WED 21 THU 22 FRI 23 SAT 24 SUN 11 MON 12 TUE 13 WED 14 THU 15 FRI 16 Lo 06:07am -0.5 Hi 07:54pm 1.2 Lo 06:54am -0.6 Hi 08:36pm 1.2 Lo 07:38am -0.6 Hi 09:17pm 1.2 Lo 08:19am -0.6 Hi 09:57pm 1.2 Lo 08:54am -0.6 Hi 10:33pm 1.1 Lo 09:21am -0.5 Hi 11:05pm 1.0 Lo 09:42am -0.5 Hi 11:33pm 0.9 Lo 09:55am -0.4 Hi 11:56pm 0.8 Lo 10:01am -0.3 Hi 12:12am 0.6 Lo 09:57am -0.2 Hi 11:49pm 0.4 Lo 09:41am -0.1 Hi 06:25pm 0.4 Lo 09:01am 0.0 Hi 05:51pm 0.5 Lo 07:09am 0.0 Hi 05:52pm 0.7 Lo 04:50am -0.2 Hi 06:13pm 0.8 Lo 05:05am -0.3 Hi 06:47pm 0.9 Lo 05:42am -0.5 Hi 07:30pm 1.1 SUN 25 MON 26 TUE 27 WED 28 THU 29 FRI 30 SAT 31 Lo 06:26am -0.6 Hi 08:17pm 1.2 Lo 07:13am -0.7 Hi 09:07pm 1.3 Lo 07:58am -0.8 Hi 09:58pm 1.3 Lo 08:42am -0.8 Hi 10:49pm 1.2 Lo 09:21am -0.7 Hi 11:40pm 1.1 Lo 09:52am -0.5 Hi 12:32am 0.9 Lo 10:10am -0.3 Hi 01:27am 0.6 Lo 10:02am -0.1 Hi 05:19pm 0.2 Lo 08:54pm 0.2 Hi 02:34am 0.3 Lo 09:11am 0.1 Hi 04:24pm 0.4 Lo 01:16am 0.0 Hi 04:33pm 0.6 Lo 03:13am -0.2 Hi 05:06pm 0.8 Lo 04:17am -0.4 Hi 05:52pm 0.9 Lo 05:12am -0.5 Hi 06:44pm 1.0 Lo 06:02am -0.6 Hi 07:37pm 1.1 Lo 06:47am -0.6 Hi 08:28pm 1.1 CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS FRI O 12:20am 05:40am 30 I 11:05am 06:35pm LATE MORN, AFT’N BEST SAT O 12:50am 06:10am 31 I 10:55am 06:10pm LATE MORN, AFT’N BEST STRENGTH Strong Strong Strong Strong (Continued from page 18.) hand-gaff. I suggest the gaff, mainly because it takes up less space. When the time comes that it’s needed, slip the gaff’s hook horizontally into the fish’s mouth, then twist it 90 degrees downward and pull it sharply into the fish’s lower lip. At that point you can either unhook and drag the fish for a while to get water flowing through its gills, or you can slide the fish over the gunwale for unhooking and a quick pic before you revive and release it. One thing, though, if you choose the latter scenario and the fish starts kicking once he hits the deck, DO NOT turn loose of the gaff’s handle! So prepare yourself for a winter encounter with bull reds. They are present and in a lot more places than I mentioned. GCF JANUARY • FEBRUARY • MARCH 2 0 1 5 19