Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 39 No. 1 - Page 17

West Gulf Fishing Forecast WEST GULF Tide Tables MARCH 2015 DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH SUN O 06:15am 09:55am Good 1 I 01:30pm 05:50pm Good MORNING, AFT’N BEST MON O 07:10am 10:30am Good 2 I 02:10pm 06:30pm Good MORNING, AFT’N BEST TUE O 08:00am 11:20am Good 3 I 02:50pm 07:10pm Good MORNING, AFT’N BEST WED I 03:10am 04:30am Very Weak 4 O 08:40am 12:00pm Good I 03:15pm 07:15pm Good O 11:10pm 12:30am Very Weak MORNING, LATE AFT’N BEST THU I 03:55am 05:35am Weak 5 O 09:35am 12:35pm Moderate I 03:50pm 07:30pm Good O 11:25pm 01:15am Weak LATE MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST FRI I 04:30am 06:30am Weak 6 O 10:35am 12:55pm Moderate I 04:35pm 07:35pm Moderate O 11:50pm 01:50am Weak LATE MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST SAT I 04:55am 07:35am Moderate 7 O 11:50am 01:30pm Weak I 05:30pm 07:30pm Weak EARLY MORNING BEST SUN O 01:10am 03:50am Moderate 8 I 06:35am 09:35am Moderate O 02:15pm 03:25pm Very Weak I 07:00pm 08:30pm Very Weak MORNING BEST MON O 01:40am 04:20am Moderate 9 I 07:20am 10:40am Good MORNING BEST TUE O 01:45am 04:25am Moderate 10 I 08:10am 11:30am Good MORNING BEST WED O 01:30am 04:30am Moderate 11 I 09:10am 12:50pm Good LATE MORNING BEST THU O 01:35am 04:55am Good 12 O 10:10am 02:10pm Good LATE MORN TO MID AFT’N BEST FRI O 02:00am 05:40am Good 13 I 10:45am 03:25pm Strong LATE MORN TO LATE AFT’N BEST SAT O 02:40am 06:40am Good 14 I 11:10am 04:30pm Strong LATE MORN TO LATE AFT’N BEST CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH SUN O 03:40am 07:40am Good 15 I 11:55am 05:25pm Strong O 11:45pm 12:55am Very Weak AFTERNOON BEST MON O 05:05am 09:05am Good 16 I 12:45pm 06:15pm Strong EARLY MORN, AFT’N BEST TUE O 06:15am 10:15am Good 17 I 01:35pm 07:05pm Strong O 11:15pm 12:25am Very Weak MORNING, AFTERNOON BEST WED I 03:05am 04:25am Very Weak 18 O 07:50am 11:50am Good I 02:30pm 07:50pm Strong O 11:20pm 12:50am Very Weak MORNING, AFT’N BEST THU I 03:50am 05:50am Weak 19 O 09:50am 01:30pm Good I 03:35pm 07:55pm Good O 11:35pm 01:25am Weak LATE MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST FRI I 04:00am 07:40am Good 20 O 11:15am 02:15pm Moderate I 05:00pm 08:00pm Moderate O 11:35pm 01:55am Moderate MIDDAY, LATE AFT’N BEST SAT I 04:25am 09:05am Strong 21 O 01:05pm 03:05pm Weak I 06:05pm 07:55pm Weak O 11:15pm 02:15am Moderate EARLY MORNING BEST SUN I 05:00am 10:20am Strong 22 O 02:45pm 04:15pm Very Weak I 06:55pm 08:05pm Very Weak O 11:15pm 02:55am Good MORNING BEST MON I 06:00am 11:20am Strong 23 O 11:45pm 03:25am Good MORNING BEST TUE I 07:25am 12:05pm Strong 24 MORNING BEST WED O 12:25am 04:05am Good 25 I 09:10am 01:30pm Good LATE MORN TO EARLY AFT’N BEST THU O 01:30am 04:50am Good 26 I 10:55am 03:15pm Good LATE MORN TO MID AFT’N BEST FRI O 02:40am 05:40am Moderate 27 I 11:50am 04:10pm Good LATE MORN TO LATE AFT’N BEST DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT SUN Lo 07:49am 1 Hi 03:38pm Lo 08:58pm MON Hi 12:44am 2 Lo 08:30am Hi 03:57pm Lo 09:09pm TUE Hi 01:37am 3 Lo 09:04am Hi 04:12pm Lo 09:19pm WED Hi 02:27am 4 Lo 09:33am Hi 04:27pm Lo 09:37pm THU Hi 03:15am 5 Lo 09:59am Hi 04:44pm Lo 10:03pm FRI Hi 04:04am 6 Lo 10:25am Hi 05:02pm Lo 10:35pm SAT Hi 04:55am 7 Lo 10:53am Hi 05:21pm Lo 11:09pm SUN Hi 06:50am 8 Lo 12:24pm Hi 06:38pm MON Lo 12:46am 9 Hi 07:50am Lo 12:57pm Hi 06:51pm TUE Lo 01:26am 10 Hi 08:59am Lo 01:33pm Hi 06:56pm WED Lo 02:11am 11 Hi 10:17am Lo 02:14pm Hi 06:48pm THU Lo 03:03am 12 Hi 11:43am Lo 03:05pm Hi 06:38pm FRI Lo 04:04am 13 Hi 01:04pm Lo 04:22pm Hi 06:43pm SAT Lo 05:12am 14 Hi 02:06pm SUN Lo 06:21am 15 Hi 02:49pm Lo 07:29pm Hi 11:18pm MON Lo 07:27am 16 Hi 03:23pm Lo 08:06pm TUE Hi 12:59am 17 Lo 08:28am Hi 03:52pm Lo 08:48pm WED Hi 02:21am 18 Lo 09:24am Hi 04:20pm Lo 09:32pm THU Hi 03:34am 19 Lo 10:18am Hi 04:47pm Lo 10:18pm FRI Hi 04:45am 20 Lo 11:11am Hi 05:14pm Lo 11:07pm FRI Hi 05:54am 21 Lo 12:03pm Hi 05:42pm Lo 11:56pm SUN Hi 07:03am 22 Lo 12:57pm Hi 06:10pm MON Lo 12:48am 23 Hi 08:16am Lo 01:56pm Hi 06:39pm TUE Lo 01:43am 24 Hi 09:33am Lo 03:10pm Hi 07:08pm WED Lo 02:43am 25 Hi 10:55am Lo 05:12pm Hi 07:36pm THU Lo 03:50am 26 Hi 12:22pm FRI L