Guide to the Union TAG - Issue 2

PROTEST! PROTEST! Labour Party leadership candidates that students are unhappy about the SURSRVHG  HIFLHQF\ VDYLQJV that were imposed on the draft HGXFDWLRQ EXGJHW DQG WR GHPDQG WKDW WKH FDQGLGDWHV SXW KLJKHU HGXFDWLRQ IXQGLQJ DW WKH WRS RI their priorities. Our fear is that this  HIFLHQF\ VDYLQJ ZLOO OHDG WR D GHFUHDVH LQ WKH TXDOLW\ RI WHDFKLQJ LQ :HOVK LQVWLWXWLRQV VRPHWKLQJ WKDW cannot be allowed to happen. :LWK WKH KLJKHU HGXFDWLRQ IXQGLQJ UHYLHZ UHFHQWO\ EHLQJ ODXQFKHG LQ :HVWPLQVWHU WKHUH LV D KXJH ULVN that the cap on fees will be raised. $OWKRXJK WKLV ZLOO DIIHFW (QJOLVK XQLYHUVLWLHV LQLWLDOO\ LW ZLOO GRXEWOHVV ISSUE 2FREE %\ 0DWW +LJJLQV H LJKHU HGXFDWLRQ IXQGLQJ has been a hot topic as of late, for both AMs and MPs, and especially for Ministers LQ JRYHUQPHQW 2XU VWXGHQWV union recently sent a bus full of lecturers, students and members RI WKH 6WXGHQWV 8QLRQ ([HFXWLYH Committee to protest outside the Welsh Labour Party leadership KXVWLQJV LQ 6ZDQVHD 7KHUH ZDV D JRRG QXPEHU RI SHRSOH in attendance, not just from our 8QLYHUVLW\ EXW DOVR IURP RWKHU LQVWLWXWLRQV 7KH UHDVRQ IRU WKH protest was to show the Welsh