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Appendix H Cybersecurity Ransomware Dos and Don’ts Ransomware Dos and Don’ts What it is: Ransomware will lock all available files on your computer system and make you pay for a code in order to restore them. It may also lead to all of your files being lost! Who is affected: Ransomware can affect any business. If you fall for it, it will infiltrate your system, regardless of company size. It mostly affects Windows systems. Do Why? Backup your computer somewhere you cannot always access. The more often the better. Have a disaster recovery plan. Ransomware will encrypt anything it has access to, including network drives, Box, and any system that acts as external storage. Ransomware can be a tried and true disaster. Make sure you have planned for it and tested every option. Training is the best defense as people are the weak link when exposed to Ransomware! Some Ransomware just attack through known security issues, make sure it can’t get through a business class firewall. Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention can detect an attack as it gets in. It also offers protection for your users when they are in the wrong place. Like it or not, Antivirus saves people all the time. The statistics are indisputable. Make sure you pick a good “not free” version of a trusted antivirus. Sometimes a layer is something that will save you. Consider an extra layer of Protection like Umbrella. Whether it is for Ransomware or other questions, don’t rely just on internet searches, look for a credible company to help you when you don’t know, and avoid being part of the statistics. Train your people, even in a small company Use a Firewall Use IPS/IDS Use Antivirus and Antimalware Use a DNS protection system Know who to call Don’t Open emails from unknown sources Underestimate the threat Pass on updates or security patches Keep your data only on site Why? Ransomware will encrypt anything it has access to, including network drives, Box, and systems that act as external storage. No one is safe from Ransomware. Many Ransomware exploits are solved quickly in patches. Waiting to patch your system could leave you vulnerable. Remember that you should keep several copies of your data: 3 copies, 2 media types, 1 off site. 85