Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business | 2018 Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business - Page 83

Michigan Works – A public-private partnership between Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth and Michigan Works which serves Michigan’s employers and workers where job openings can be posted. Website: Michigan New Hire Operations Center – Michigan Employer Guide to New Hire Reporting along with the New Hire Reporting Form. Website: Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency – Information on unemployment insurance services. Website: Federal Government Internal Revenue Service – Information, forms, and publications regarding business and personal taxes. Website: Social Security Administration - Information about the Social Security Administration, their services to employers (including a guide to wage reporting for employers), and information about being self-employed. Website: Department of Labor – Summary of federally required workplace posters Website: U. S. Patent and Trademark Office – Registration forms for trademarks and service marks. Website: U. S. Copyright Office – Information, forms, and publications regarding United States Copyright laws. Website: U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – Information about the services, programs, and assistance available through th R4$vV"6FSwwr6&v`֖6vF7G&7Bff6Swwr6&vb֐FW"&v旦F0֖6v6FWfVVB6VFW'2Ԓ4$D>( 2( 2f&F&WBFR6W'f6W2&fFVB'FR4$D72BƗ7BbFR&VvB6FVƗFR6VFW'2vV'6FSwwr4$D4֖6v&p44$R6V6V'2FW&6( 26'W6W76W2f&F&WB44$RƗ7Frb&Vv6FW'2B66VGVRbf&Rv&62vV'6FSwwr66&R&p