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13 Selling to the Government Procurement and Technical Assistance Centers Government contracting is the process that lets you sell your goods or services to the government and its various agencies. The government has a contract, or agreement, with you whereby it purchases what you do or make. And U.S. government agencies buy a lot from small businesses – nearly $400 billion worth of goods and services each year! From market research to janitorial services, if you want to make the government your customer, there’s a good chance there’s a need for what you offer. Becoming registered to sell to the government (local, state, or federal) and pro-actively marketing to secure government contracts can be a key to expanding and diversifying the market and income potential of any business. It is a generally accepted practice, however, that to be eligible for government contracts, a business needs to have been in business at least 2 years to have history that demonstrates performance capability. Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) MEDC Procurement Offices & Government Contract Support There are steps and a process for getting your business registered to be eligible for bidding on contracts or direct government purchases. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) provides support to the statewide network of PTAC and MEDC Procurement Offices in which skilled professionals assist businesses to successfully bid for federal, state and local government contracts; help you obtain the most current and relevant information available; provide insight into the research process; and coach you through the government contracting process from start to finish. Most services available through the PTACs of Michigan are free of charge. To find the PTAC or MEDC Procurement Office nearest to your business, visit Procurement support includes, but is not limited to: • One-on-one counseling • Orientation to the procurement system • Training seminars and conferences • Bid match for government solicitations • Government specifications • Bid package assistance; bid history and contract award results • Linking local companies to federal and state government agencies • State of Michigan contracting assistance • Post bid-win assistance Michigan Defense Center is the arm within MEDC that strategically connects defense buyers and prime cont Ʌѽ́ݥѠ5é䁍]Ѡѡɕѥ5́䁉ɥɔ)͔Ʌ́Ѽ5ѡ5 ɕٕ͕ͥ́ѥ́х͡5́Ѽ)ɕєє䁍̰ٕɅѡȁչՔѥ́ѼЁ̸͔AQ ́5 )AɽɕЁ=́ɔѡɽЁѼѡ5͔ ѕȸȁɔɵѥȁѼɕѕȁݥѠ)ѡ5͔ ѕȰ٥ͥ聡輽ܹ͕مѥ(