Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business | 2018 Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business - Page 4

Welcome to the Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business! Helping businesses to open and grow is a focus activity of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), state government in general, and the Michigan Small Business Development Center, which is the key partner in providing small business assistance across the state: Counseling, training, and research to assist any small business to launch, grow, transition, and innovate. This Guide is designed as an information tool, outlining as clearly as possible many of the steps, responsibilities, issues, or questions facing prospective and existing entrepreneurs. Information included in this guide is both general and Michigan-specific: Steps and process for starting a business; different forms of business organization; key elements of a business plan; complying with federal, state and local tax obligations; basics related to management, hiring, marketing, and more. Though this gu FR2B7V'7FGWFRf"Vv"f66V6VB2f&F&W6W&6RBV6&VfW&V6RFW6vVBFRFR&6W72b7F'FrBW&Fr'W6W72֖6vƗGFRW70fW'vV֖rFRf&FF2V&Ɩ6Fv267W&FRBFRbV&Ɩ6F'WBB27V&V7BF6vRGVRF&Wf62rBF֖7G&FfRƖ6W2&WGvVVV&Ɨ6VB&Wf62ƖRfW'62WFFV@W&F6ǒb6vf6B6vW267W"FRƖRDbfW'66&R66W76VBCwwr4$D4֖6v&rwVFUF7F'FpF2wVFR6&VBvFRRԒ4$D2767F6RBG&r2FVFVBFVRfPf'v&BW"'W6W72W&WFFFFԒ4$D2FW&R&RFW"&W6W&6W2f&Rf 7F'FrBW&Fr'W6W72֖6v㠮( "֖6v6'W6W72FWfVVB6VFW'2Ԓ4$D72( 44$R6V6V'2FW&6( 26'W6W76W0( "767F6RB6V6VƖr&R6f&Rg&6V6֖2FWfVVB&v旦F2G&FR766F266&W'2b6W&6R6626VG6VvW2VfW'6FW2@V&Ɩ2Ɩ'&&W2Ԓ4$D22&VGFVf"&Rf&F"F6F7BbFRԒ4$D2ff6W26FVB&V@FR7FFRf6Bwwr4$D4֖6v&r"6Ԓ4$D2VGV'FW'2Bw&BfW7FFRVfW'6Gcb33sC66W&Vǒ֖6v6'W6W72FWfVVB6VFW