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β€’ The DEQ Permit Information Checklist. An easy to use checklist for determining if your project requires any type of environmental permit is available online β€’ Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA). The possibility of environmental contamination should be considered when looking at the lease or purchase of an existing building or property for conducting business. In Michigan, a Baseline Environmental Assessment allows people to purchase or begin operating at a facility without being held liable for existing or previous contamination. An information document on BEA and Due Care is available at BEACitizensGuide_357377_7.pdf Business owners should also check with county and local authorities about whether local permits and licensing may be required. Even though the costs of adhering to the regulations may seem burdensome for a business owner, the cost of non-compliance, including fines, penalties, and even business closure, can be much greater. Zoning and Building Codes and Ordinances It is important for startups and expanding businesses to make sure that the site and facility will be in compliance with all the local laws and regulations. Contact the city assessor, city, township or village clerk to determine compliance with all the local zoning and building codes at your desired site β€” before you buy or lease. Contact the local building inspector to assure compliance with regulations affecting construction (e.g., building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes, rules about construction, alterations, demolitions, occupancy, and use of buildings). A home-based business is subject to the same local laws and regulations. Check with your local unit of government to determine if any special permits are required. Certain products cannot be produced in the home. Most states outlaw the home production of fireworks, drugs, poisons, explosives, sanitary or medical products and toys. Strict rules apply to the processing of food/drinks and the manufacturing of clothing. In addition, be aware of city, county and village zoning regulations. If the business operates in violation of the local government’s laws and regulations, you could be fined or closed down. For information about the laws and regulations at the city, county, township or village level contact your local government agency. Barrier Free Design A special part of the building code, Barrier Free Design, has been public policy in Michigan since 1966. In 1992, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandated federal requirements concerning barrier free design. These regulations are intended to ensure that public facilities and facilities used by the public are accessible to and usable by all citizens. No exceptions to the state requirements can be made by a local unit of government or a state department, agency or person, except the Barrier Free Design Board. A person requesting an exception must demonstrate "compelling need" as defined in section 5a of 1966 Public Act (PA)1, MCL 125.1355a. For additional information, visit the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), Bureau of Construction Codes website at: or contact the Plan Review Division at 517.241.9328. Patents, Trade, Service Marks, and Copyrights According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, a patent for an i ΉΩ•ΉΡ₯½Έ₯́ё”Ι…ΉΠ½˜„ΑΙ½Α•ΙΡδΙ₯‘ЁѼΡ‘”)₯ΉΩ•ΉΡ½Θ°₯ΝΝΥ•‰δΡ‘”UΉ₯Ρ•Mхѕ́A…Ρ•ΉΠ…ΉQΙ…‘•΅…Ι¬=™™₯”Έ•Ή•Ι…±±δ°Ρ‘”Ι₯‘Ё½Ή™•ΙΙ•‰δΡ‘”Α…Ρ•ΉΠ)Ι…ΉΠ₯ΜƒŠqΡ‘”Ι₯‘ЁѼ•α±Υ‘”½Ρ‘•Ί™Ι½΄΅…­₯Ήœ°ΥΝ₯Ήœ°½™™•Ι₯Ήœ™½ΘΝ…±”°½ΘΝ•±±₯ΉŸŠtΡ‘”₯ΉΩ•ΉΡ₯½Έ₯ΈΡ‘”UΉ₯Ρ•)Mхѕ́½ΘƒŠq₯΅Α½ΙΡ₯ΉŸŠtΡ‘”₯ΉΩ•ΉΡ₯½Έ₯ΉΡΌΡ‘”UΉ₯Ρ•Mхѕ́™½Θ„Α•Ι₯½½˜Ρ₯΅”°ΡεΑ₯…±±δ€Θΐε•…ΙΜΈ½Θ₯Ή™½Ι΅…Ρ₯½Έ…Ή)‘•Ρ…₯±Μ½ΈΑ…Ρ•ΉΡ₯Ήœ°Ω₯Ν₯ΠθέέάΉΥΝΑΡΌΉ½Ψ)ΡΙ…‘•΅…Ι¬₯́„έ½Ι°Α‘Ι…Ν”°Ν塉½°½Θ‘•Ν₯Έμ½Θ„½΅‰₯Ή…Ρ₯½Έ½˜έ½Ι‘Μ°Α‘Ι…Ν•Μ°Ν塉½±Μ½Θ‘•Ν₯ΉΜ°Ρ‘…Π)₯‘•ΉΡ₯™₯•Μ…Ή‘₯ΝΡ₯ΉΥ₯Ν‘•ΜΡ‘”Ν½Υɍ”½˜Ρ‘”½½‘́½˜½Ή”Α…ΙΡ䁙ɽ΄Ρ‘½Ν”½˜½Ρ‘•ΙΜΈΝ•ΙΩ₯”΅…Ι¬₯́ё”Ν…΅”)…́„ΡΙ…‘•΅…Ι¬°•α•ΑЁё…Ё₯Ё₯‘•ΉΡ₯™₯•Μ…Ή‘₯ΝΡ₯ΉΥ₯Ν‘•ΜΡ‘”Ν½Υɍ”½˜„Ν•ΙΩ₯”Ι…Ρ‘•ΘΡ‘…Έ„ΑΙ½‘Սи)±°΅…ɭ́‘ΌΉ½ΠΉ••ΡΌ‰”Ι•₯ΝΡ•Ι•‰ΥЁɕ₯ΝΡΙ…Ρ₯½Έ‘…́…‘Ω…ΉΡ…•Μ₯Ή±Υ‘₯Ήœ„Ή½Ρ₯”ΡΌΡ‘”ΑΥ‰±₯Œ½˜Ρ‘”(Θ