Guide to Garner 2018-19 edition - Page 4

Awards and Milestones The Town of Garner government and the community continue to enjoy a steady stream of accolades, awards and accomplishments. Here is a list of notable milestones from fall 2016 through fall 2017: 2016 OCTOBER Town of Garner elected offi cials, staff and dignitaries broke ground on the Garner Recreation Center, to be located at the corner of Main and Montague streets in historic downtown Garner. Due to be completed by summer 2018, the nearly 40,000-square-foot facility will include a gymnasium with three regulation-size high school basketball courts, an indoor exercise/walking track, aerobics/fi tness, art and multipurpose rooms and administrative offi ces for Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources staff. Outdoor features will include a multipurpose fi eld, open gathering and play spaces, reading and seating areas and multiuse paths for walking, jogging and biking. The Garner Technology Center was designated AT&T Fiber Ready. It was the second economic development site in the town to receive the designation, which helps economic development leaders to more effectively position their communities for site selection by emphasizing the availability of high-speed, fi ber-based services. With almost 100 acres adjacent to Interstate 40, the Garner Technology Center is the premier industrial site in Wake County. The Town Council adopted a new strategic plan, designed to be a multiyear representation of the Town’s mission. The document aims to serve as a roadmap for staff and the Town Council over a three- to fi ve-year period, with tasks established annually to enable staff to complete initiatives identifi ed in the strategic plan. NOVEMBER Garner Volunteer Fire-Rescue, Inc., which provides fi re and fi rst-responder service to Garner, improved its current insurance (ISO) rating from a class 4 in the Town of Garner to a class 2 and its Wake County area rating from a class 6 to class 4. The class 2 rating for in-town service put Garner Fire- Rescue in the top 1.6 percent of &RFW'FVG0FR6VG' #p$4FRv&W"Ɩ6RFW'FVBV&VBG2VvF67&VFFFv&Bg&FR6֗7667&VFFFf"rVf&6VVBvV6W04T&V6VfrFR4T6W'F6FR`Gf6VBW&F&W267&VFFFf"fp&VV67&VFFVBf"R"&R6FVW2V'2FRFW'FVB6W2Wf"&V67&VFFFF&VRזV"76W2B2Rbǒ6W&6VFvPbrVf&6VVBvV6W2FvFRFfP4T67&VFFFFRFvbv&W.( 2'VFvWBFVV&VBFPvfW&VBf6Rn6W'2766F( 0F7FwV6VB'VFvWB&W6VFFv&Bf"FPfW'F66V7WFfRV"BFFRfW&FRFvbv&W.( 2VvVW&rFW'FVB@TrVF'FW'2vFR26W&6RvFW &FV7Fv&BbW6VV6Rf"7F&vFW VGV6FV&Ɩ26W'f6RV6VVBfFV2F@f7W6VBWBv7FRƖ6BF66&vW2BWF&WfVFF2f"VvW'2FRWr6'&FRVGV'FW'0f"5D4W&62( FVFp&GV6W"b7FW&ƗFWVV@f"FRfBB&6WWF6GW7G&W>( FVVBv&W.( 0w&VVVB&'FFPr7V&RfBVGV'FW'0'&VvBC""֖ƖWpfW7FVB2vV2R'2Fv&W"$G( 2fW7F'26W'f6RWw&FVBFR&FrFRFv( 2C#2֖ƖWG7FFrvVW&&ƖvF&G2g&"FFRWw&FR0WV7FVBFVFRFv'F&WGFW"FW&W7@&FW2BFW&2f"gWGW&R&'&vw2B&@77V6W2G( 2FVBFRFv( 2667FVFǐ7G&r66F&7FW&VB'66W'fFfP66Ɩ6W2w&vrF&6R&V^GFrg&ЦG2&֗GFFR6Gb&VvBvV&PFV'BBV6'W&FV2FRFvbv&W"vF&VRW6VV6R6V6F2v&G2g&'F6&Ɩ6Gb6VG6V6F'2342V7FFWvFR6WFFFBfVGW&VB&V6&B30VG&W2FRFv&V6VfVBGvv&G26V7FvFFRv&W"f'v&BWG&V66vv66VvBFVGV6FR&W6FVG2&WBB&V6VfRFV WBWFFW2Fv&W.( 26&VV6fR@G&7'FF2FRFv66V7FVB'7BЧ6Rv&Bf"FR&W7BvVW&W6Rb66VFv&W&2v