Guide to Garner 2018-19 edition - Page 26

Get There with GoTriangle Thousands of newcomers will be moving to Garner over the next few years, beginning happy new lives in one of the more than 3,000 apartment units, townhouses or single-family homes that have been approved or are under construction inside the town’s planning jurisdiction. With those new residents will come more cars. Fortunately, GoTriangle is ready to help them and the 30,000 current Garner residents fi nd easier ways to get around. During peak hours Monday through Friday, GoTriangle’s Route 102 travels between Garner and the GoRaleigh station in downtown Raleigh, leaving from and returning to two free park- and-ride lots. One lot is at White Oak Crossing near the intersection of I-40 and U.S. 70 with the spaces lining Shenstone Boulevard. The other is at Forest Hills Shopping Center, with the bus stop adjacent to the lot on 7th Avenue. From the GoRaleigh station, Garner residents can travel to all points of the Triangle, including to Raleigh-Durham International Airport on GoTriangle Route 100. Want to eliminate parking frustrations and take the bus to a Bulls game in Durham or to the planetarium in Chapel Hill? From the GoRaleigh station, hop onto GoTriangle’s Route 105 to the Regional Transit 24 Center near Research Triangle Park then grab a 700 bus to Durham or an 800 bus to Chapel Hill. Those who need a quicker commute during peak hours on weekdays can take the CRX express route from the GoRaleigh station to Chapel Hill or the DRX express route to Durham. You can even work while you ride because every GoTriangle bus is equipped with free Wi-Fi. Find maps, schedules and information about fares and passes at Don’t forget to download the TransLoc app to your phone to get live updates about bus arrivals and departures. Need an incentive to try transit? A two-person household can save, on average, more than $10,174 a year by downsizing to one car. With its Share the Ride NC program, GoTriangle can help pla [\[]]H[][]\[H]]\ܘ[K\HHYH[[]]\; HBX]܈\܈[܈][BXX[YKH\HX\ X[]]B[\[Yۈ\]ԕ˘KZ\\X[][]H[[[\[^\š[[۝H][˂\\\ZH[x&\8'ܙX]XHK8'B][Y[X\][ܙHX[H؜[Y\\H\HYܝXH[]YH]^K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ܈]\\[B[[[\YK[ LNJH  KTQJ K\\˙