Guide to Garner 2018-19 edition - Page 24

Garner Veterans Memorial Planning Your Visit Operating Hours: The Town of Garner’s Lake Benson Park is open sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. The park may be closed during special events or during severe weather. Dedicated in May 2013, the Garner Veterans Memorial not only honors those who served in the armed forces but also educates visitors about the history of wars and confl icts involving the United States. Made possible by over half a million dollars in donations from citizens, civic groups, churches and government agencies, the memorial, located near the entrance of Lake Benson Park (921 Buffaloe Road), was a major reason Garner earned its All- America City designation in 2013. In a very short time, the memorial has become a focal point of the community. It serves as the location of Garner’s annual Memorial Day observance and provides citizens an opportunity to recognize any veteran of the U.S. armed forces with memorial bricks in the Walkway of Honor. The brick path allows for all members of the armed forces to be honored regardless of location, age or type of service. Parking: There are two gravel parking lots at Lake Benson Park. Limited parking is also available along the park’s entrance drive. Two handicap spaces are located near the memorial. Group Tours: Free guided tours of the memorial are available. Contact Katie Spencer at to schedule a tour for your group. Garner resident and architect Mon Peng Yueh was lead designer for the project and worked closely with internationally renowned artist Thomas Sayre. The red clay earth castings on back of the memorial’s slabs carry symbolic meaning, says Sayre, who created the artwork. “The troops from this state were largely from rural communities who plowed the fi elds then put down those plows and went to war tMɔ̸ͅqQ)Ѡѥ́ɕѱ䁽ЁѡѠѡ)ѡЁ̰ѡ͔ݡe)ɕɹѼѡѠ́ݔ)ͽлt)Mɗéѡ́ݽ́ͥ)5ՙɥፕ݅ɐɽѡ)ɍѕɅAɕЁͽѥ)YͥЁɹٕѕɅ͵ɥɜȁɔ)ɵѥЁѡɥ)Qɥ݅́ͥѼȁٕѕɅ̰)Ёѡ͔ݡɥɵ)Ё݅ȸIѥ́ɔѕ)ɕ́ѡЁɕɕ͕Ё́ݡȁѥ݅)ЁQ́ȁѼѕє)ȁչéаɕ͕Ёɔ()ɹɹ