Guide to Garner 2018-19 edition - Page 18

Strategic Plans Garner’s long-term growth and development are guided by plans that, in most cases, were years in the making and included signifi cant citizen input. Here’s a summary of key documents that will shape Garner’s future for many years to come: and the Town Council over a three- to fi ve-year span. You can review the plan at about-us. The current Town of Garner Strategic Plan was adopted by the Town Council in October 2016. It was the result of staff and Town Council input earlier in 2016 as well as a consolidation of several strategic planning documents that had been produced over a number of years. The plan is designed to be a multiyear representation of the Town government’s mission. It aims to serve as a roadmap for staff 16 A process lasting over a year has resulted in updates to the Tow