Guide to Garner 2018-19 edition - Page 12

Guide to Town Services and Amenities (continued) building codes and local laws related to the construction of buildings and other structures; oversight of installation of such facilities as plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating systems, refrigeration systems, air-conditioning systems and fi re alarm and sprinkler systems; the maintenance of buildings and other structures in a safe, sanitary and healthy condition; street addressing; and other related matters specifi ed by the Town Council. Before starting construction or repairs, contact the Inspections Department at (919) 773-4433. ENGINEERING The Engineering Department oversees the development of public infrastructure including Town streets, sidewalks and greenways, storm water drainage and the water and sewer utility system. The Engineering Department is the primary contact for issues regarding potential illicit discharges into the storm drainage system. Although the City of Raleigh is the owner and operator of the Town’s public water and sewer utility systems, Town Engineering staff can provide general information regarding the existing utility system layout, proposed system expansion plans and general design guidelines and standards. Engineering can be reached at (919) 773-4425. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Town’s Economic Development Department works to recruit and retain businesses so Garner can have a strong tax base and its residents can have access to good jobs. The department promotes the Town’s assets and builds 10 partnerships with citizens and businesses, other Town departments, boards and commissions, elected offi cials, state agencies, regional stakeholders, civic organizations and other nonprofi ts, the Garner Chamber of Commerce and others. For more information about economic development matters in Garner, please call (919) 773-4431. The Town’s downtown development manager works with the Downtown Garner Association (DGA) to improve Garner’s historic downtown. The DGA sees downtown Garner as an active hub of sports and recreation, the center of arts and culture for the community and home to a growing number of creative and tech entrepreneurs. The DGA leads the implementation of the Historic Downtown Garner Plan developed in partnership with the Town of Garner and approved by the Town Council in 2010. The plan is a market-based, community-led vision for the downtown area that includes a plan of action for implementation. The Town and DGA provide support and technical assistance to downtown businesses, conduct long- term planning for downtown redevelopment and organize and sponsor special events downtown. For more information, contact the downtown development manager at (919) 773-4402 or visit The Garner Chamber of Commerce is also an important resource for local businesses and entrepreneurs. To learn more, call (919) 772-6440 or visit