Guide to Garner 2018-19 edition - Page 11

TAX COLLECTIONS Garner residents are required to list all personal and real property with the Wake County tax offi ce during January of each year. Tax bills for real property are mailed in July/August by Wake County and are due by Jan. 1. Taxes may be paid at the Bill Pay area on the fi rst fl oor of Town Hall, by mail to Wake County Revenue Department (P.O. Box 580084, Charlotte, NC 28258-0084), by phone at (919) 856-5400 or by visiting Tax bills for vehicles are sent with annual tag registrations by the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. Vehicle taxes may be paid at NC DMV headquarters (1100 New Bern Ave., Raleigh, NC), by mail (NC DMV, P.O. Box 29620, Raleigh, NC 27626) or by visiting Questions can be directed to the Town’s Finance Department at (919) 773-4412. HUMAN RESOURCES The Human Resources Department is responsible, among other things, for recruitment and selection of Town of Garner staff. To learn about employment opportunities with the Town and to apply for a position, visit careers. The department maintains a work station with a computer and instructions on the second fl oor of Town Hall where individuals can apply for positions with the Town. The department uses the NeoGov human resources management software. NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT The Town’s neighborhood improvement program helps to maintain and improve the quality of life in all of Garner’s neighborhoods. The neighborhood improvement manager works with communities on a wide range of enhancement initiatives and is a liaison to neighborhood watch groups, HOAs and other citizen-based community organizations. The program periodically marshals extra Town resources from a variety of departments (e.g. Police, Inspections, Administration) and also may work with outside partners to improve conditions in particular neighborhoods or parts of Town. The program has also used bond funds in recent years to do street lighting projects in neighborhoods that met staff criteria. The neighborhood improvement manager coordinates the highly popular Garner 101 citizens academy (offered in the evenings in spring and late morning/midday in the fall) and the Citizens Leadership Academy. To learn more about the neighborhood improvement program, or to sign up for one of the free academies, please contact the neighborhood improvement manager at (919) 773-4446. Development Services The Town’s Development Services group encompasses the Planning, Inspections, Engineering and Economic Development (including downtown development) departments. Visit for a link to Development Services’ main portal. PLANNING The Town’s Planning Department administers and enforces zoning and other land-use requirements inside Town limits as well as in Garner’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. The department reviews all site plans, subdivision requests and rezoning applications. It also is responsible for maintaining the Town’s comprehensive plan of growth, a long-term transportation plan and other long-range plan rF7VVG2B6&FFW2vF&Vv'FW'2&VvG&7'FFrVW7F2&WfWr&WV&VVG2BƖ6F06VB&RF&V7FVBFFRrFW'FV@'6Ɩrss2CCCऔ5T5D0FR7V7F2FW'FVB2&W76&Rf FRVf&6VVBbFR'F6&Ɩ7FFPv&W&2v`