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©2014 Universal Orlando. All Rights Reserved. MEET SARAH & KEN The Serendipity Video Tour: This Insider Guide is brought to you by Sarah and Ken Elder, owners of a 5 bedroom villa in Orlando. Minutes from Orlando's famed theme parks, and a short drive to Florida's beautiful beaches. Contact Details: T: +1.407.965.5567 Click to watch THOUGHTS FROM THE EDITOR From the moment I read about the hidden restaurant I was sold on Sarah's insider credentials! You see, not only does she know about this hidden gem, but she'll only share it once guests book a stay. Irritating for those that don't book with her? Possibly. But this is what sets Sarah apart from many other Orlando villa owners - a stay with her gives you access to the vault of knowledge which she's accumulated over almost 10 years of owning her 5 bedroom Orlando villa. This is holiday gold dust! But it's not all about secrets. Being an insider simply means being able to make your guests' holiday planning and experiences easy. No better example of this than the theme park tips - a mix of common sense and experience - a great list for anyone about to embark on the theme park adventure. E: W: And just look at that villa! Named Serendipity, after the experience they had finding it. It's no surprise that it has everything - exactly what you'd expect from a place that took 6 months to find - and just what every family (particularly parents) crave after a day at the parks. Sarah, when can I come and stay?!