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ABOUT OLIVER, RAYLSI & THE REAL ORLANDO... My wife Raylsiyaly and I have spent our lives traveling the globe. I grew up in Windsor, UK, where I delivered the morning newspapers to Queen Elizabeth II. After University, the traveling bug took over and I have since picked fruit in Australia, taught children in the Punjab, India and started a newspaper in Cusco, Peru. Ray grew up in Venezuela, and spent time at high school in Washington DC. We met in New York and currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a stone's throw from the amazing Ipanema beach. When we decided to buy a vacation home, we wanted somewhere to bring our families together, such a challenge with so many different preferences to cater for. Ray has amazing memories of the Disney area as a child and many friends and family in Florida. I am a sports fanatic, my claim to fame is that I've played cricket for two different international sides, Peru and Brazil. We wanted somewhere we could indulge our passion for the outdoors, where we could bike and hike, where we could eat well and shop for all those bargains we can't get in Brazil. We are delighted we chose Orlando. We love our vacation home at the amazing Solterra Resort. I took some convincing with Central Florida. I thought it was all about the theme parks. Boy was I wrong! Firstly, it turns out the parks are incredible and not just for kids. But more important is the endless adventure you can have in the area. Within an hour we can be sunbathing or surfing at the beautiful Cocoa Beach or being inspired at Cape Canaveral. The opportunities to watch sport are abundant. For NBA there is the Orlando Magic, for NFL the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and for football (ok, soccer!), the MLS's newest team, Orlando City. And the walking trails in the area are second to none. What we love most after a busy day enjoying all that the Orlando area has to offer is coming home to Solterra Sunset, a peaceful haven where we can relax by our own pool having a BBQ with family and friends. We are looking forward to creating many happy memories in our second home and hope many others can too, people from all the countries we have visited and those we haven't got to yet. We know how important it is to have a comfortable place to stay while on vacation, and are determined to offer the best service in the area. I hope you enjoy this guide and Solterra Sunset.