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MEET OLIVER AND RAYLSI BALLHATCHET Contact Oliver and Raylsi: US: +1-(888)-653-0293 UK: +44 203 287 7449 BR: +55 219 9974 3833 This Insider Guide is brought to you by Oliver and Raylsi Ballhatchet, owners of Solterra Sunset, a luxury 6 bedroom villa in Florida's Orlando. Think theme parks, of course, but Oliver and Ray will show you that this area has way more to offer! THOUGHTS FROM THE EDITOR The lure of the mouse has ensured that there are thousands of vacation rentals in the Orlando area. In fact, if you head to HomeAway and search for "Disney / Orlando" you'll find over 18,715 rentals (May 2016). If you narrow it to 6-bedrooms you still face over 3,000 different homes. So how on earth do owners differentiate themselves in such a competitive market? What does it take to stand out from the crowd, just as Mickey does?! Meet Oliver and Ray, a husband and wife couple who have traveled the world, yet decided to own a villa in Orlando. Why such a mainstream choice for world travelers? The reality is that they see past Disney, to an area which E: W: has so much more to offer. Great walking, huge local sports teams, pristine beaches, culture, and so much more. Oliver and Ray are owners who see Orlando through a wider lens, and that's how they stand out! So, if you're in search of that all-important balance many families seek between high paced fun and restful recharging, then you've found your villa. And, more importantly, you've found the right owners!