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KIRSTY'S TIPS ON DINING IN PROTARAS... 1 Traditional Meze... Don’t leave Cyprus without treating yourself to a traditional meze—a sampling of small dishes to be shared with the table. Try a bit of everything and avoid ending up an empty belly and a big plate of something you don’t like. Mousikos in Sotira has hands-down the best meze in Cyprus. Their tastes will wow you, their service is fantastic and its setting in a local village is picturesque. Well worth a visit! T: +357. | Reviews 2 Hokkaido... This Japanese restaurant in Agia Napa is one of Kirsty's family’s favorites. She says it’s rare for her kids to clean their plates, but at Hokkaido, they always do. The chef cooks to order at your table, with entertaining flourishes like throwing eggs and lighting a fire that makes kids wideeyed every time. Whenever Kirsty asks her kids where they want to eat, it’s always “Chop, Chop, Chop, Fire!”—their name for Hokkaido. T: +357. | Reviews 3 Thomas' Shack... Eating at Thomas’ Shack is like having a meal at a friend’s house. You pour your own drinks and write out your order…and if they don’t have what you want, you can create your own menu. Thomas makes it a point to visit every table for a chat, and he doesn’t mind if you talk with your mouth full—which is good because you won’t want to stop eating his delicious meals, all cooked over hot coals. T: +357. | Reviews 4 Spartiatis... Memories of your fresh, sea-to-table meal at Spartiatis will stay with you. Locally caught fish is the centerpiece of your plate, surrounded by colorful homegrown fruits and vegetables. (Did you know the Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world? This is why!) To top off the experience, you’ll be presented with panoramic views of the bay and a Cypriot-style warm welcome. T: +357. | Reviews