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4 FOR THE ACTIVE... Stavros Watersports... Have a favorite water-bound activity? Chances are, Stavros Watersports on Fig Tree Bay can outfit you for it. Skim over the Bay’s clear water on a jet ski, speed boat, water ski or inflatable, or fly above it on a parasail or wakeboard. Or go a less heartpounding route and charter a fishing boat or rent a kayak. The team at Stavros is not lacking in personality— be nice to cheeky Costa as he’s been known to dip patrons in the water not let them re-board the boat, leaving them no option but to swim back to shore! Nature Trails... Be sure to bring solid walking shoes to Cyprus. The cliff-top walks at Cape Greco National Forest Park, which put you high above the Mediterranean, are not to be missed. From this distanced vantage point, you can really take in the sea’s gradient, Technicolor hues. Also make time at Cape Greco to explore sea caves, tuck into the pines for a nature walk, and visit the bleach-white chapel of Ayios Anaryroi. From the chapel, walk down a set of stairs to Holy Cave for an unbeatable photo op. For a workout, ascend 200+ stairs to St. Elias. You'll feel like an Olympian when you reach the top, where a stunning vista awaits. Snorkeling at Fig Tree Bay... Grab your snorkel and head to Fig Tree Bay (or stop by after an adventure at Stavros Watersports), one of TripAdvisor’s best-rated beaches. Swim out to the rocks with your snorkel gear, put your kids on inflatable lilos (airbeds) and have some bread ready to toss to the fish and other aquatic life—this ensures you’ll get to observe a crowd of them. Fig Tree Bay and its beach can be quite populated in the summer months, so plan to arrive early if you want a prime sunbathing spot on the golden sand. The Waterpark... Open April to September, when the mild weather of Cyprus is at its mildest, Water World in Ayia Napa makes for a kid-friendly day amidst mythology-themed water rides. Tackle “The Fall of Icarus,” “Apollo’s Plunge,” and the becolumned “Drop to Atlantis.” For a more leisurely time, float on the River Odyssey or cool off in Poseidon’s Pool. Be sure to bring socks to the park in July/August, as the metal stairs leading to the water rides heat up in and can be uncomfortable for sensitive feet. Let us book your day at Water World for you and we’ll get you a special rate!