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ABOUT KIRSTY & THE REAL PROTARAS... Kirsty and her husband Lee moved to Cyprus full-time about a decade ago, after deciding they loved their holiday home on the island too much to be apart from it. Luckily, they had youth, energy, and flexibility on their side. They needed all three to not only relocate roughly 2000 miles from the UK to Cyprus, but to eventually open their own property management business there, Cyprus Sun Holiday Rentals. Now, they help others rent their second homes to Cyprus visitors, and help Cyprus visitors find the perfect holiday rental — from sprawling villas to seaview condos. At the helm of their established, family-run operation, Kirsty gets to meet most of the guests face-to-face, and it's her favorite part of the job. She loves getting to know people from all over the world, learning their wants and needs, and helping to create a personalized holiday they’ll never forget. She says it’s wonderful when she can see the change on their guests’ faces—they arrive stressed, overworked, and a little jetlagged, and leave totally revived, sun-kissed and smiling. They practically glow! In the Mediterranean, attitudes toward work and business are quite laidback, and clocks are more for decoration than scheduling. In some ways this is great—it surely contributes to the friendliness of the people of Cyprus, who always look like they just returned from holiday. But as Brits, Kirsty and Lee bring structure and enthusiasm to their business, with top-notch service and a full, 'round-the-clock dedication to your good time. Welcome to Cyprus! You know how a lot of places brag about being a destination for everyone? The perfect spot for families, couples, history-buffs, adventurers, wedding parties, retirees and reunions? Cyprus actually has a legitimate claim on that one-size-fits-all designation—competing with the best in the world for versatile vacations. Not only will you find the sun, golden, brown-sugar sand and sparkling waters of Cyprus’s 49 blue flag beaches, there are mountains (with skiing in winter!), landmarks of ancient history, a national park, cosmopolitan shopping and spas, quaint cobblestone villages like Larnaca, thriving nightlife in Agia Napa, and, importantly, some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. For every day you holiday, you can try on a different hat. Be a culinary connoisseur at authentic restaurants (or create your own gourmet meal from fresh local ingredients in your rental’s kitchen), an adrenaline-junkie with a parasail, a bronzed beauty on the beach, or a student of ancient history. To best enjoy the history, culture, and surreal beauty of Cyprus—and bustling tourist-friendly Protaras on the island’s east coast—consider an authentic, individually owned holid