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MEET KIRSTY GIBLING Cyprus Sun Holiday Rentals +357. This Insider Guide is brought to you by Kirsty Gibling of Cyprus Sun Holiday Rentals, offering privately owned apartments for rent on the beautiful island of Cyprus. As a family run agency, they pride themselves on ensuring guests have everything they need to truly unwind! If you would like any further information about the area, pricing, and availability, please contact a member of the Cyprus Sun team via any of the above routes. THOUGHTS FROM THE EDITOR This small island of Cyprus has a history of falling under the purview of historical and mythological giants. The Greek love goddess Aphrodite was born here. The Romans staked their claim here. of brightly flavored meze and kleftiko, sometimes followed by bouzouki music and dancing. Did I mention the wine? Cyprus is a global wine destination, with vineyards quilting its countryside. And though driving from one end of Cyprus to the other takes only about 2.5 hours, the space between its shores is packed with millennia of tumultuous history— which is still visible in the Roman ruins, Phoenician tombs, and the abandoned Varosha resort, deserted following the Turkish invasion of 1974. Kirsty Gibling of Lee Property Services helped create this insider guide to help you choose the best adventures, flavors, vistas and tours in the place she calls home: Cyprus. Whether you plan to visit soon or just want to daydream, read on for Kirsty’s insider tips! You’ll also find a brimming buffet of Mediterranean beauty with golden beaches, blue-green bays, and charming villages nestled in vine-clad foothills. For a literal feast, Cypriot cuisine dazzles with plates E: W: