GSWPA S'more Camp 2019 - Page 2

Welcome to another jam-packed edition of Camp S’more magazine, where girls can choose an adventure (or two or three!) that they’ll remember forever. The Girl Scout experience is all about trying new things, and this edition of Camp S’more provides a variety of programs for girls of different ages, interests, and levels of adventure. Our favorite Girl Scout camp pastimes are all inside—campfires, songs, skits, and enjoying the outdoors with friends. We love our traditions, but there are many new and exciting activities to try, too! From tomahawk throwing to field archery, escape games to mystery dinner theater, the summer of 2019 is shaping up to be the most adventurous yet! Camping with Girl Scouts is more than just a fun time. Our camp programs give each girl the chance to take on challenges, try new things, and develop her leadership skills, all in a safe, all-girl environment designed to serve her unique needs and interests. A summer camping with Girl Scouts will give her skills, memories, and friends that last. We can’t wait for the fun to begin! 2 Don’t forget! Double your Girl Scout Bucks for camp. See page 3. Parent Central & Frequently Asked Questions The answers to all your questions are at your fingertips! Our Parent Central and FAQs at give you the info you need to know on topics like: CAMP STAFF HEALTH AND SAFETY MEALS AT CAMP VISITORS AND PHONE CALLS TRADING POST CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES AND MORE!