GSWPA S'more Camp 2019 - Page 14

Movie Makers Have you ever wanted to star in a movie? Or maybe you’re more of a behind-the-scenes kind of gal? This week, you call the shots as you and your friends create a movie of your very own! Try your hand at filming, acting, and directing as you swim in the pool, climb the tower, and explore the creek. Finish off the week with a red-carpet movie premiere to show off your work for the whole camp! Entering Grades: 4-8 Dates: July 21-26, Sun.–Fri. (5 nights) Cost: $350 per person  14 Cast Iron Chefs High-Tech Hide and Seek Outdoor cooking is the name of the game. Bring your favorite campfire recipe to camp for this session of cooking creativity. Learn new and exciting ways to munch while on a camping trip, how to cook without a fire ring, and the art of cast iron cooking. Then, challenge your friends to a cooking contest, and share your creations with the whole camp. Our panel of special judges will decide who is the next Cast Iron Chef! Learn how to play the ultimate game of hide and seek… geocaching! Discover how to use a GPS, explore some of the best places at camp, create your own cache, and hide a few temporary caches for your fellow campers to test their new skills. Take some time out of your searching for some of your camp favorites, like swimming and crafts. Entering Grades: 6-10 Dates: July 28-30, Sun.-Tues. (2 nights) Cost: $175 per person  Entering Grades: 4-8  Dates: July 31-August 2, Wed.–Fri. (2 nights) Cost: $175 per person  Conshatawba’s Got Talent Slumber Party Calling all dancers, singers, and performers! Bring your instruments, dancing shoes, magic tricks, and unusual talents to showcase in our first-ever Conshatawba’s Got Talent contest. Polish your act before you go in front of our special panel of counselor judges to win it all! When you’re not taking to the stage, spend time doing all your camp favorites, like swimming, crafts, and creek walking. Grab your pajamas and fuzzy slippers and get ready for the ultimate slumber party! Meet new friends and have tons of fun experiencing all that camp has to offer. During the day, swim in the pool, play in our gaga ball pit, shoot some arrows, and take hikes around camp. At night, the fun continues with nail painting, dance parties, stargazing, and even a movie night. Entering Grades: 2-5  Dates: July 28-30, Sun.-Tues. (2 nights) Cost: $175 per person Entering Grades: 4-8 Dates: July 31–August 2, Wed.–Fri. (2 nights) Cost: $175 per person  Glow Sticks and Games Trail Mix Midnight mischief and fun await you at camp! Break out the glow sticks for a funky, glow-in-the-dark game tournament, catch fireflies, sleep under the stars, go out on night hikes, and maybe even play a few tricks while the rest of the world sleeps. Sleep in the next morning, then jump into your favorite daytime activities, like swimming and rock climbing. Get a little mix of everything in this awesome overnight adventure. Swim, hike, play games, and build your outdoor skills. Learn how to set up your own pop-up tent and cook over a campfire. After the sun goes down, chase fireflies and sleep under the stars. Entering Grades: 4-8 Dates: July 28-30, Sun.-Tues. (2 nights) Cost: $175 per person  Entering Grades: 2-5 Dates: July 31-August 2, Wed.-Fri. (2 nights) Cost: $175 per person  Sign up early and save—10% through February 28 or 5% March 1–31.