GSSNE 2018 ANNUAL REPORT Girl Scouts_2019_ Annual Report_FINAL_reduced2 - Page 12

In Memory of We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who made a donation in memory of someone they have lost. in memory of Anna R. Croft Kati C. Machtley in memory of Gail Bolger Judith Fleming in memory of Lila Kahn Mullins Margery E. LeBeau in memory of Bette Vermette Betty and Tony Faella Jean Vermette in memory of Gwendolyn B. Weigner Friends of Dr. Marilyn Weigner & Dr. Pamela Harrop (Chicken Sisters) in memory of Lillian Wante Gervais Linda P. O'Neill in memory of Carol Forgette Vivian N. Boulanger in memory of Helen MacColl Dorothy M. Woodcock in memory of Constance B. Stanley Elizabeth B. Johnson, Jane S. Rice, Susan S. Stevenson in memory of Janet Barbrie Sharon Charette in memory of Deborah Lynne McMaster Tate Joan H. McMaster in memory of Doriane Wark Ann M. Berglund Lanz Pamela H. Biszko in memory of Doris V. Piatek Carolyn A. Piatek in memory of Dorothy M. Sherman Anonymous, Barbara N. Humphreys, Virginia Walter In Honor of in memory of Manuel W. & Sadie E. Fontes Patricia J. Fontes in memory of Jean F. Smart Don & Helen Eife, Marion Henderson, Randall D. Rogers in memory of Marge Granquist Connie Worthington and Terry Tullis Gert Shea Joan M. Breen Susan M. Cicchini in memory of Jean Hemingway Rachel Perkins in memory of Margery Samuelson Joy Hearn in memory of Jean Howie Johnson Mary H. Johnson in memory of Mary Powers Janice S. Howard in memory of Jean Smart Carol & John McCune Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Sherman Rhonda Doll in memory of Mildred Richards Ms. Ann-Marie Richards in memory of Mildred White Sonja M. DeStefanis in memory of Paula Andrea Cacchiotti Mangili Rachel Pintarelli in memory of Rita Creighton Merelise O'Connor in memory of Ruth M. Sleicher Wendy & Jonathan Bier in memory of Virginia "Ginny" Moss-Newhall Anonymous, Carole and Robert Young, Dolores C. Aiken, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Cugini, Janet A. Feyler, Joan M. Breen, Lianne Pinheiro, Phyllis J. Merrill, Sandra Bessacini, Susan M. Cicchini, Vivian N. Boulanger in memory of William C. Meeker Jean E. Milkman in memory of Winifred K. Sahagian Cynthia S. Cross We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals who made a donation to honor a family member or friend. in honor of Amber Fearn Nancy A. Telford in honor of Helen Scott Sharon McNamara in honor of Ashley Nobrega Georgette E. Nobrega in honor of Janet Beauvais Anne M. Masse in honor of Bette Vermette Betty P. Faella in honor of Julia Hallam Debra Saccoccio in honor of Betty DeStefano Anne E. DeStefano in honor of Katie McCarty Louise A. Gauthier in honor of Linda Palmer & Gert Shea Phyllis J. Merrill in honor of Lyra Osborne- Troop 4905 Mary E. McGarvey in honor of Maya and Abby Kaufman Jacquelynn E. Kaufman in honor of Nancy Armstrong Trisa V. Palacio in honor of Pat Flores Elissa M. Koskela in honor of Samantha Johnson-Troop 41149 Nancy J. Marsiglia in honor of Sarah Cholewa Terry Cholewa