Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 9

3. 1. Water consistently. In the heat of the summer, smaller containers may need watering up to twice a day. Use your fingers to test the soil - if the soil is dry, water soon. Prolonged dryness can cause irreparable damage. 2. Annual plants are vigorous growers, requiring consistent nutrition to keep them blooming. Fertilize planters once per week (always when soil is moist!) with an all-purpose, water diluted mixture of 15-30-15 or liquid kelp. Annuals often require ‘deadheading’ - remove spent flowers when they brown or shrivel. This will encourage rapid development of new, vibrant blooms. If the plant is getting leggy, do not hesitate to clip it back. This encourages healthy new growth. 4. Away for the weekend? Plant Nanny watering stakes are the perfect sitter. Simply insert in the center of the pot and attach a plastic water bottle. The plants will draw water from the spike as needed. Plant Nanny also has a great selection of decorative globe and wine bottle spikes. Away longer? Arrange to have your pots watered by a reliable source. Make watering easier for your helpers by condensing your planters in one spot, to ensure none are missed. For tips on planting containers, click here.