Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 5

Growing There are a large number of hardy perennial grasses for Alberta. These plants generally have a decent lifespan, and will tolerate a wide range of soil and moisture conditions. In particular most are quite drought-tolerant when established, making them suitable for xeriscaping. Impressively, there are also grasses well-suited to wet areas, and there are types for both sun and shade. This means the great textural contrast of perennial grasses can be added to almost any garden style or location. • For best results, plant your perennial grasses in well-drained soil and with at least 6 hours of direct sun per day • As with all new plants, make sure the soil stays moist during the first year and fertilize regularly with Root Booster to develop a strong root system • Organic matter such as Sea Soil or Hop Organic Craft Compost can be incorporated into the soil each spring to add nutrients and improve soil texture • Grasses provide excellent winter interest, so cut back in the spring if desired. • Ensure all old growth is cut back to 1” in early spring, before new growth starts • Division can be done every few years by digging the clump out of the ground and cutting it into pieces with a shovel.