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away? Use a neat device called the Plant Nanny - this ceramic stake attaches to any pop bottle and once inserted into the soil at the base of the plant will ensure consistent water for up to 3 days in hot weather. Fertilizing Tomatoes are exceptionally heavy feeders, requiring consistent nutrients to produce a healthy amount of fruit. Slow Release Fertilizer A granular fertilizer such as Off the Vine should be incorporated into the soil when planting, then into the soil surface twice more in the season (every 4 weeks). It will ensure a small, steady stream of nutrients. As tomatoes are heavy feeders, this should be complimented with a weekly application of water soluble fertilizer. Water Soluble Fertilizer Choose a fertilizer high in phosphorous and potassium (these are represented by the middle and last numbers on the label). Compliment Off the Vine with Earth Safe 0-0-4 Liquid Kelp or Plant Prod 15-30-15. These water soluble fertilizers should be applied once per week. Top Tomatoes You’ll find hundreds of tomato varieties at your local garden centre, here are just a few of the tried and true we love: Cherry/Grape Tomatoes Sun Sugar Sweet 100 Sweet Million Tumbler Determinate Tomatoes Bush Beefsteak Early Girl Patio Mortgage Lifter Indeterminate Tomatoes Big Beef Beefmaster Brandywine Super Fantastic Paste Tomatoes San Marzano La Roma Health Kick