Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 23

P Phosphorus - Second Number: 15 - 30 - 15 Encourages root development as well as flower and fruit production. Great for flowering annuals, perennials, vegetables and fruit producing plants. N K K Potassium - Third Number: 5 - 8 - 10 This all around nutrient helps with fruit and flower production as well as disease resistance and overall health of the plant. When to Fertilize? P Each type of plant will have its own needs, but consistency is key. A good rule of thumb during the growing season is to feed container gardens at least once a week, while plants in the ground can be fed once per month. Always be sure to properly dilute/distribute the plant food according to package directions and be sure soil is always moist prior to applying any water soluble fertilizers. During the growing season, apply an all- purpose fertilizer for annuals, fruits, vegetables and perennials such as RapidGro 15-30-15. Leafy trees and shrubs can be fed with RapidGro 20- 20-20 or Miracle-Gro 24-8-16. Keep it Simple Choose an all-purpose for flowering annuals, fruits, vegetables and perennials like Liquid Earth Safe 2-3-2. All leafy trees and shrubs can be fed with a granular application of Turf Revolution Trees n Shrubs 6-6-2 or water soluble fish fertilizer (5-1-1). You may have many different plants, but most can benefit from the same fertilizer. Here are the basics to keep in the garden shed: Synthetic Choose Pro Mix Root Booster when planting any new plants. This liquid fertilizer contains a rooting hormone to lessen transplant shock and promote root growth. This can be used on the day of planting, then once or twice more, every couple of weeks. Organic Don’t let the fertilizer aisle overwhelm you. By stocking up on a couple of basic fertilizers your garden will be well fed, providing you with the lush landscape you desire.