Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 19

Forsythia For an extra early dose of colour in the garden, try the extremely hardy Forsythia. Compact shrubs are smothered with primrose yellow blooms in early spring, even before leaves emerge. Developed by Agriculture Canada, a great choice for the border or mass planting. Ht: 5-8’ Sp: 5-8’ Lilac Old fashioned lilac selections were giants, spreading wide and fast; excellent qualities for farm homesteads and shelterbelts. For the modern yard, newer, more compact selections are the way to go. These feature the same hardiness and fragrant blossoms of traditional lilacs, with a much more manageable size. Try the cotton candy pink blooms of Tinkerbelle, the deep purple blooms of Royalty, or the unique variety Improved Dapple with golden variegated foliage and lavender blooms. Shrub heights vary. ‘Mohican’ Wayfaring Tree One of the best choices for all season colour! Rounded shrubs with velvety foliage are topped with creamy white flowers in spring, followed by pink berries that change to red then black in fall. Autumn colour is a beautiful deep purple. Ht: 7’ Sp: 7’