Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 17

recommend for prairie hardiness, but one of special note is the Baby Bear Cedar. Developed by Hugh Skinner in Manitoba this small yet tough upright cedar has excellent hardiness. It slowly matures to a height of five to six feet with a spread of two to three feet; perfect for mid to back border or vertical accent. SERBIAN SPRUCE This stately Spruce has graceful branches that point upwards at the end creating a pseudo weeping form on a tall specimen. Unlike old-fashioned Blue Spruce, this grows to only about 10ft wide with a mature height of 60ft. TOPIARY EVERGREENS Certain varieties of evergreens lend themselves to easy shaping because of their growth habit and branch structure. One of our smaller selections is the Sea Green Juniper Pom-Pom, with a collection of stems rising from a centre, all topped with deep green pom-poms. Care: In summer months, consistent moisture will be important, and in autumn a weekly deep root watering is a must to ensure plants are properly prepared for winter. COLUMNAR MUGO PINE Love the slim look of Cedar? This tall upright version of the hardy Dwarf Mugo Pine is a must have selection with deep green needles and an upright, columnar shape. Growing only 3ft wide and 6ft tall, it is a suitable selection if space is at a premium. Spiral topiary is also common, providing a formal look with year-round interest. Emerald Cedars and Skyrocket Juniper are sheared around a central stem to create a lovely spiral shape. Our garden centre stocks an amazing assortment of evergreens for year- round interest. Visit us soon to view our complete collection.