Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 16

BEYOND B lue S pruce the Evergreens are an essential part of the landscape and provide us with year- round interest, but homeowners rarely look beyond the big blue spruce or mammoth spreading juniper. Here, we explore unique and hardy selections to bring colour and interest to even the smallest spaces. RUSSIAN CYPRESS This hardy, low growing evergreen will tolerate both sun and shade. Soft feathery foliage looks great in either mixed beds or foundation plantings. Extremely cold tolerant, new selections include ‘Fuzzball’, growing just 1ft tall and 3ft wide. CEDAR Other than traditional Blue Spruce, Cedar are the most popular planted evergreen in our area. The deep green, soft foliage of Cedar can be seen everywhere on the humid West Coast, but here on the Prairies, location and variety are of key importance when growing Cedar. Location: Cedars prefer a partially shaded, moist location (not a dry, sunny spot). A sheltered spot, away from wind is very important, as in winter, cold, dry winds will quickly damage these evergreens. Variety: There are several selections our tree and shrub staff can YEW Dense, low growing shrubs are an excellent choice for hedging and borders. They feature deep green, glossy needles, with bright red berries in late summer. Compact varieties like Dark Green Spreader grow roughly 3ft tall and 4-6ft wide.