Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 12

Spider Mites Found on many annuals, perennials and evergreens in our area, spider mites tiny piercing mouth parts cause ‘stippling’ or, a fine haze on top of herbaceous foliage, and browning of evergreen foliage. Spider mites thrive in hot, dry weather, so a thorough washing of foliage will often control a large amount of the population. Once dry, plants can be sprayed with End All insecticidal soap, or a residual insecticide such as Doktor Doom House and Garden spray. For larger areas, Ambush concentrate can also be used to control mites. Beneficial Bugs But remember, amongst all these bad guys are plenty of good guys! Always keep an eye out for beneficial insects such as ladybugs, beetles, aphid lions and lacewings. These beneficial bugs are why prevention and cultural controls are SO important in the garden, as any pesticides used to control garden pests can affect beneficial insects as well. For information and images of Beneficial Insects in our area, visit the What’s Bugging section of our website. MOST WANTED