Growing Made Easy Spring18 Spring 2018 - Page 10

Your Garden’s LEAST WANTED We’ve all heard of a garden’s MOST wanted insects; the good guys like ladybugs, ground beetles and bumble bees. But let’s talk about your gardens LEAST wanted; the culprits chewing holes in your lilies, leaving sticky messes on your petunias, or swirling in clouds amongst your grapes. Ants To effectively control ants, it’s important to understand how they live and work. Ants are mostly scavengers, foraging for food away from the colony. Though adults feast on insects, spiders and even sap (NOT live plants) their tunnelling activity can be a nuisance in lawns and gardens. Ants come and go from the hill, however the queen remains underground. Because she regulates the colony, control is aimed at eliminating her. Control means getting the chemical deep down into the hill. For the most accurate control of a hill, poke it with several deep holes then inject Doktor Doom Ant & Nest Killer or a liquid solution of Malathion deep into the holes. Ants are considered fierce protectors of aphids, as they feed off the sweet honeydew aphids exude. Use a strong jet of water to wash aphids, ants and honeydew away, and if needed consult the controls for aphids below. Aphids Found on many types of garden plants (perennials, edibles, trees, annuals), the aphid is probably our most prevalent garden pest. Aphids suck plant sap, causing foliage to distort and leaves to drop. The honeydew they excrete on leaves and bark can cause a sooty mold growth. A strong jet of water will often damage these soft bodied insects, but they can also be controlled with insecticides such as End All insecticidal soap or Doktor Doom House and Garden insecticide.