Growing Forward 2 - Final Report - Page 42

SUMMARY OF SUGGESTED ACTIONS Table 8: Suggested Actions: Quality Assurance (no ranking of responses) QA programs for producers • • • • • • • • • Quality Assurance • • • • • • • • • • • • • • College of Veterinarians of Ontario  annual review of antibiotic use audited by independent third party compliance required for antibiotic use require drug logs include incentives and penalties improved surveillance on prescriptions and antibiotic use regulation and review of antibiotic use on farms mandatory ongoing education is a component of QA mandatory Livestock Medicines Courses to purchase antibiotics, include industry personnel in training veterinarians have a “train the trainer” role voluntary reduction in antibiotic use by producers encourage buy-in and engagement educate on identifying sick animals early, decrease mass treatment with antibiotics, improve responses to first treatment, assure informed use, reasons for extra label drug use, value of prescription only antibiotics, drug choices and rationale, consequences of misuse, record keeping institute financial penalties for producers for high antibiotic use include incentives with a substantial premium for participation in QA conduct pilot project, evaluate compliance and ensure program is credible and practical require up-to-date records include over-riding principles and specific uses in protocols and SOPs SOPs for all common conditions and vaccination protocols written by veterinarians - include decision trees, flow charts to aid in prevention, diagnosis and treatment monitor protocols are being followed need investment of resources to develop SOPs develop farm specific SOPs in consultation with veterinarians standardize protocol requirements across the livestock sectors 42