Growing Forward 2 - Final Report - Page 41

Table 7: Suggested Actions: Education & Liaison (no ranking of responses) Liaise with & educate key stakeholders • • • • • • • • • • • Liaise with & educate the public • • • • • Liaise with & educate government officials • • • • • • • • share information form industry working groups identify key stakeholders, develop a unified strategy, collaborate to reach common goals develop consistent terminology (free run, antibiotic free, organic, prudent use, VCPR, raised without use of antibiotics) formal, regular meetings with a multi-stakeholder action group invest in science-based projects on stakeholder consultation veterinarians assume teaching role CVO could encourage education of key stakeholders address perception that veterinarians are a barrier to obtaining drugs provide information to key stakeholders on an ongoing basis, information microbursts in print and social media strengthen relationship between veterinarians and industry groups to identify veterinarians as supporters with expertise Education & Liaison enhance education through media (why antibiotics used, food safety and animal welfare implications, CIPARS understand views of public and monitor public opinion input on advertising integrity, hold food companies accountable for the claims they make veterinarians assume teaching role circulate the CVO Report formal regular meetings with regulators and veterinarians veterinarians respond to draft legislation educate politicians and government officials veterinarians assume teaching role require CE for government officials lobby for consistency across CFIA inspectors, VDD and Health Canada modernization encourage government to develop educational tools regarding antibiotic use lobby for changes highlighting lack of safety, lack of science etc. Liaise with & educate human health professionals • • • share knowledge with human health reduce negative impact on public perception veterinarians assume teaching role Liaise between all livestock groups • • lobby all groups present a united front 41  SUMMARY OF SUGGESTED ACTIONS Antibiotic Use in Food-Producing Animals in Ontario: A Study of the Current Pr X