Growing Forward 2 - Final Report - Page 40

SUMMARY OF SUGGESTED ACTIONS Table 6: Suggested Actions: Research & Surveillance (no ranking of responses) Research related to the reduced usage of antibiotics • • • • • Additional research • • • • • • Research & Surveillance • • • • • • • Research on resistance • • • Surveillance of use & resistance • • • • Residues • • • • • College of Veterinarians of Ontario  impact of absence of growth promotants impact of raised without antibiotics (welfare, financial) develop cost effective alternatives to antibiotics such as probiotics and cost-effective vaccines understand drivers of usage of antibiotics establish management techniques to support reduced usage expanded labeling (esp sheep and goats) of antibiotics, reduce impediments to labeling specific disease control withdrawal times share data worldwide, learn from other programs develop and assess new antibiotics veterinarians contribute to coordinated, integrated research (government veterinarians, industry groups, government, researchers) emphasize strong research infrastructure more risk assessment research identify influences of stakeholder and producer utilization of antibiotics need investment by industry research foodborne diseases, establish understanding of normal flora research good management practices impact of free trade identify the highest risk activities that create resistance on farms research link between use on farm use and resistance standardize veterinary lab data and produce information identifying antibiotic resistance patterns expand CIPARS, laboratory data systematic review of existing data by expert panel understand antibiotic use on farms, by feed companies inventory available government funding to address resistance and consumer education traced back to producer reported to veterinarians violations would result in mandatory creation of SOPs support for CgFARAD traceability required for QA 40