Growing Forward 2 - Final Report - Page 39

Table 5: Suggested Actions: Legislation & Regulation (no ranking of responses) Access to antibiotics • • • • • • • • • • antibiotics available only through a veterinary prescription – establish a protocol to phase this in over time Category I drugs administered by veterinarian only mandatory reduction in use of antibiotics over time ban use of APIs by un-licensed individuals eliminate or modify OTC antibiotic sales monitor and only allow OTC sales with a Livestock Medicine Certificate and proof of VCPR eliminate importation of antibiotics by end user, i.e. own use importatation (OUI) strengthen oversight of imported antibiotics and Canadian Border Services Agency enforcement standardize import requirements disqualify producers on food safety/quality assurance programs who use OUI National and • provincial consistency • province-wide pricing of antibiotics national standards for antibiotic sales Other changes ban labeling of antibiotics for growth/production update MIB streamline prescription writing requirements of CFIA veterinarians support CFIA inspections and monitoring government subsidy of producers’ herd or flock health plan • • • • • 39  SUMMARY OF SUGGESTED ACTIONS Legislation & Regulation Antibiotic Use in Food-Producing Animals in Ontario: A Study of the Current Practises and Perceptions of Ontario Veterinarians