Growing Forward 2 - Final Report - Page 38

SUMMARY OF SUGGESTED ACTIONS This section summarizes the suggested actions, as provided by the veterinarians who participated in the CVO Survey and/or the CVO Facilitated Discussions. The CVO Project was designed to elicit all suggested actions and all suggested actions are included, unedited, in this Report. Participating veterinarians provided many suggestions to move toward an environment where use of antibiotics in food-producing animals is prudent, sustainable and minimizes the potential for negative impacts on animal and human health. The responses from both the CVO Survey and the CVO Facilitated Discussions are listed and divided in to four overall themes: Regulation & Legislation (Table 5), Research and Surveillance (Table 6), Liaison & Education (Table 7) and Quality Assurance (Table 8). It should be noted that throughout this section, where opinions or views are attributed to veterinarians, the veterinarians are only those that participated in this project. These suggested actions do not represent a consensus, and are not necessarily the views of the majority of the study participants. In fact, any particular suggested action may reflect the view expressed by as few as one group of veterinarians, or even a single veterinarian. As there was no opportunity provided for discussion of the suggested actions, and no voting was taken during the CVO Facilitated Discussions, it is not possible to gauge the level of support for the suggested actions by the veterinary community as a whole. Further analysis of these suggested actions, as to whether the majority of veterinarians view them favourably or with concern, and further discussion of these suggested actions as to their feasibility or value, was beyond the scope of this CVO Project.