Growing Forward 2 - Final Report - Page 36

SUGGESTIONS FOR ACTION FROM THE SURVEY Sixty percent of CVO Survey respondents felt that mandatory CE for veterinarians is important. As well, over 30% of veterinarians felt that the CVO may have a role in the review of prescribing of antibiotics, however, 50% disagreed with this approach and 18% had no opinion. Over 40% of respondents felt that the monitoring of veterinary prescribing practises and antibiotic sales was an important consideration with a very slightly higher percentage disagreeing, and 12% indicating they had no opinion (Figure 9). Sixty percent of CVO Survey respondents felt there should be mandatory CE for veterinarians. 100 90 Proportion of Respondents (%) 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 Yes 10 No s od uc CV ve AB tio tp X O n re u r e s sc v e i ew rib on ing far of AB ms pr ac X El t pr ice im es sa ’n cri nd of bin the g ve tA “o wn BX St us sa Re op e” les str all loo i o c ph wi t A ng ole BX AP for re I’s ba El i m im t p e or ’n pr tin of o gr gA the am BX sa s int le oC of Ch A an BX an ad ge fro a AB m lay X to o utl “p re ets sc rip tio no nly ” No Opinion an dr ev iew for of gr ow th/ pr du ce r ets ro -p AB X g’n of ing or nit Mo lab eli ng o fA BX ng ini tra Ba n nd ato ry Ma nd ato ry on CE on of A AB X BX -v -v ce du en sin g Ma Re rs e im ro us e es pr us e, the in on cti du isp nd d AB X in ga bin cri re ry -p eo ve rt us X AB in du cti on on cti du re ry nta ato Vo lu nd Ma Re ets 0 Figure 9: Changes and restrictions in antibiotic use (ABX=antibiotics, CE=continuing education) Response to CVO Survey question: “Should the following changes and restrictions be instituted in Ontario?” College of Veterinarians of Ontario  36