Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 7

The Flash Grenade: designed for use in low light, cqb game areas when you need an area cleared of foe; guns don't shoot around corners.....

Emits a low frequency boom and a white flash. Where a MK5 Thunderflash is too loud for CQB, the Flash Grenade is your sidearm to clear areas without destroying other players ear drums.


Watch out for a 3 gram (3.0) version of the flash grenade due for release late 2014 or early 2015. The current version is 1 gram. Boom!


The EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade has become the go to smoke grenade for serious players. Whilst this is not a brand new product, it's still a relative new comer to our range of pyro.

If you need a massive amount of smoke cover from just one unit, then the EG18 is your grenade of choice. Wire pull ignition & available in 7 colours.

GOSSIP: Watch out for the new EG18X a single vented burst version, probably the best product we have ever made, coming later this year. Sneak Peeks of this can be seen on our Facebook page.

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