Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 5

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Enola Gaye Pyrotechnic Developments

This past few months has seen some big shifts in our manufacturing......We have built a brand new manufacturing facility and invested in new technology to press smoke compositions. We have passed CE, seen accreditations for our work from Canadian and American government agencies.

Some of what you see in these pictures are:

1. New smoke compositions on location at our factory 2. An early prototype Wire Pull BB Grenade 3. Careful quality control of each smoke grenade, by sampling and weighing 4. Improvements in our tube manufacturing 5. Burns testing for transport approvals all captured on two HD videos cameras.

Each year 3rd Light/Enola Gaye spends over £100k on research, testing and development to improve production, bring new products and improve user safety. Most of which is never seen outside of the factory.