Grenade Magazine Vol 1 - Page 26

There are so many great events happening across the planet both in airsoft and paintball it's sometimes difficult to choose where to make our presence in person.

ZOMBIE HUNTING IN BIRMINGHAM If you wield a paintball marker then your choosen event should be this years Paintfest held at National Paintball Fields, Birmingham, UK. PaintFest has been running for a few years now and is a return to form for paintball innovators WDP/NPF. The event will play host to a whole miriad of different games themed to suit all tastes. The stand out game for the weekend for us is the Zombies vs Humans on the Saturday which will see allsorts of flesh eating going down (excuse the double euphimism).

Also on the chopping board at this event is a NAM style game, a kill house extravaganza from the Task Force Delta boys and the unstoppable force that is magfed only. Magfed paintball is the line that brings airsoft and paintball closer together. If you've not played magfed you may well find yourself hooked after your first empty clip.

National Paintball Fields is probably the UK's best field with movie set style game zones, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when compared to their customer service and the adrenaline this field delivers to the customer by the bucketload. Dates are 25th/26th/27th July. Follow this link for more flesh eating instructions PAINTFEST.

We sponsor many events across the planet, UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.; it's not just about the biggest events, it just has to be desireable...if it is, you can usually find us there.